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Immigration Complaints

Y-Axis is India’s No.1 Overseas Career Consultant. We are a one-stop-shop for all your overseas career needs. We deal with visa and immigration processing and allied services. Our core areas of visa processing are study, work, business, and visit. We function with complete transparency, keeping our work ethics intact.

We offer value for money to our clients who approach us for immigration and visa services. We understand the importance of their expectations from their overseas plans. We take it seriously that sometimes even their last hopes rest on us. So, whenever they have an issue during the process, we ensure that they get our help. Genuine immigration complaints are dealt with through a robust resolution system.

The redressal system for complaints ensures that your grievances are listened to and solutions offered. If you have a complaint regarding any aspect of our service, you can email The complaints will be taken with all seriousness and the earliest resolution delivered responsibly.

You can also call 1800 425 000 000 for the same dedicated complaint resolution that Y-Axis provides.

The resolution system clearly follows rules that you can refer to below. Here is how our Immigration complaint resolution system resolves the common complaints.

 Unhappy with Y-Axis


We expect every customer to complete the visa process. But there may occur cancellation of immigration requests. So, happening by any reason may result in refund subject to the following conditions:

  • The percentages for refund specified in the agreement are applicable to service fee paid in full. They are not applicable to amounts of partial payments.
  • A customer may apply for immigration before disclosure of actual qualifications. This may be to avoid rejection due to caps. But the qualifications disclosed after the announcement may fail to meet eligibility criteria. Then, the applicant can choose to transfer to other opportunities.
  • Y-Axis never accepts chargebacks. Customers who dispute a valid payment via credit card will be blacklisted forever. They will get barred from using the service. Any pending fees and unpaid costs will be forwarded to collection. If we fail to collect them, the outstanding debts will be reported to all available Credit Reporting Agencies.
  • If the application is rejected by the Immigration and Visa Authorities, Y-Axis will refund the applicable amount as stated in the agreement. The client must submit a refund request form with a copy of the receipt for payment made. The client must also submit the letter of rejection from the Authorities to ensure the refund.
  • We won’t be responsible for third party delays in immigration processing. This includes cases like courier service delays.
  • Clients cannot claim a refund of service charges.
  • Y-Axis won’t refund any amount, fees or others, you paid to immigration authorities, assessing bodies or embassy/consulate/high commission. This stands applicable for a rejected application at any stage of the process.

Payments, documentation, and acknowledgment

  • Our clients have the right to demand receipt for payments made to us. We issue receipts for all payments made to the company. If you have any questions about payments to Y-Axis, please send an email to
  • We warn you not to make any extra payments to any Y-Axis employee. Do not pay for fraudulent or unfair practices or favors from a Y-Axis employee. We won’t take responsibility of the consequences of the same.
  • We are not responsible for any promises made or payments received from you by vendors a Y-Axis employee have referred to you.
  • We are not responsible for fraudulent or incorrect information or documentation you submit with us for processing. We assume that all the information you submit with us is true.


  • We do not guarantee any candidate for a job or a visa. No employee of Y-Axis has permission to do so.
  • Visas are issued solely by decision of the visa officer and immigration department/embassy or the respective consulate. Jobs are at the discretion of the employer only.
  • If any employee tries to convince you otherwise and gives you promises, please contact us immediately. You can email your grievance to
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