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Posted on March 20 2014

I got decision on my Germany Job Seeker Visa Application

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Hi Today, I got decision on my Germany Job Seeker Visa Application. My application of visa is approved and its a very wonderful news for me. Anwesha - I would like to thank you for all your commendable efforts in supporting me in my application process. When you were assigned as the primary contact person for my application process, you shared each and every details of this visa with me. You guided me on all the documentation required and what are the do's and don'ts in the complete application process. Whenever, I asked any kind of question to you for visa you always guided me in right direction and greatest thing was that I was always convinced with your responses on my queries. You have never refused me if I asked for same thing again and again. Most importantly, whenever I needed any sample documentation or any kind of response from you, you have always responded me within the committed time frame, without any delays. I also observed you are very good in your follow ups with the applicants. I remember, you never missed to send me email on Fridays to ask for the documentation you needed from me and it was me who kept on delaying the things. In the end, I can say you are very hard working, intelligent and supporting person. To be clear, I saw all these qualities in your communication, confidence and the hard copy application file I received from you for submitting to the embassy. Thank you very much and I wish you luck in whatever you do in your life. Always keep pursuing your work with the zeal you have in you. Thanks! Sandeep

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