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Posted on December 08 2022

Sudhir Padmanabhan happy with Y-Axis Tutor Nina Ghate

By  Editor
Updated April 26 2023
This is Sudhir Padmanabhan from Chennai. I have been a part of your IELTS online sessions for the past two weeks. In the last session, you asked us to give feedback about the classes. But unfortunately, there was a power failure yesterday at my place and I was not able to give so. Here is my feedback. The sessions were really useful and I was able to get to know about the different aspects of IELTS requirements. Your classes were interesting and you have managed to keep the attention of almost all the students for the most part, especially me. I personally feel that the duration of this course is on the lesser side. But I do understand that you have done your best to teach us as many things as possible covering all the segments of IELTS. I understand that I need to practice more, which I continue to do and will do so. Once I am confident and comfortable that I have prepared myself well enough for the IELTS, I will give it a shot at the exam. Thank you so much for your valuable time and teachings.

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