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Posted on November 10 2022

Shantelle Rozario appreciates Y-Axis Tutor Bindia Jitendrakumar

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
  Here's my testimony on my IELTS (General) journey.My husband and I did our classes with Ms. Bindia from the Y-axis coaching center in January. Going into this, I believed that my English was fairly decent and I kept thinking "how hard could this be?". However, I was so wrong and there was a lot to learn the key is to keep your mind open as there is always new information to absorb. Even if you think you know the language, there are different rules and minor factors that could change everything. The classes were fun and interactive, Bindia Mam always made sure to include everyone equally, and by the end of our training session, All of us were more confident and this played a part in my speaking test. She made classes lively and provided necessary support when needed. My fellow batchmates were great! Everyone took an initiative to interact and this made classes enjoyable. If there is one thing that helped me, that would be PRACTICE. Pick one or two websites that have free practice tests and do as many as you can. Watch speaking test videos on Youtube (this really helped me, there are many available).Take notes during classes, ask questions, clear your doubts - big or small. We took a long time to book our tests due to personal reasons and we eventually did it in July. Nevertheless, we used the tools that were available to us (online). We practiced and referred my notes from Ms. Bindia's classes. I received an overall Band 8 with L-8.5, S- 8.5, R-7.5, W-7. My husband received an overall Band 7 with L,W,R-6.5, S-8 I want to thank Ms. Bindia for teaching us the basics and the important stuff, for having the patience to deal with us, and for keeping the classes interesting and fun.  

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