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Posted on March 28 2022

Manoj Jeswani talks about his experience with Y-Axis

By  Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Y Axis offers Immigration services to several countries based on your qualification, experience, clearances of some test as per the required standards of the country we wish to immigrate. I had a detailed on call session with of their counsellors Ms.Soumya. She explained me the step by step process on how the immigration process starts, the requirements of certain countries and how one needs to prepare for the same. During my interaction, I must have asked more than 20 odd questions which were answered with complete details. Ms.Soumya comes across a counsellor with exceptional knowledge in her domain and during the conversation she acted more like a guide than a representative of an immigration service company. By the end of my conversation, I had complete understanding of the entire immigration process and just to make it easy Y Axis sent across all the relevant information over the email. Thank You Team Y Axis and Ms.Soumya. Review by: Manoj Jeswani

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