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Posted on September 01 2022

Jayanth Vignesh thanks Y-Axis Tutor Nanda Yaparala

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Thank you Mr.Nanda Yaparala.He is a wonderful trainer with loads of energy on IELTS material. He is empathetic. His vocal tone elevates the student's energy. Such is his caliber. My sincere thanks to you sir. Wish you all success, Sir. His diction and vocabulary are exceptional. There is a great fluidity in his lecture. There was never a choc-o-block incident with his lecture. Thank you, Sir. Another credit goes to Mr. Sai Krishna's 1-1 support executive. He used to sort my bottlenecks as and when. Such a flexible approach and timing.Very cordial. So were the other support executives. I also would like to thank Mr.Dattesh Kumar for helping me to get my corrected documents.

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