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Posted on May 24 2022

Feedback on GRE Quants class From our Client Mr. Harish S

By  Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Greeting Sir, Myself Harish S, an attendee of the webinars of the GRE Quants session. First of all, I regret not for sending the mail prior to the assumed deadline. Apologies for any inconveniences caused. Yesterday’s Session on data interpretation was my last webinar for GRE. I loved your class so much. I got an opportunity to learn everything on data interpretation. Honestly, the most intuitive thing was learning about strategies on data interpretation from top to bottom. Clearly, I have attended sessions with other tutors too, but was not clear about the strategies for efficiency. But, from your side I got the support to learn, keep up my pace and even demonstrate my mathematical understanding, so as for you to evaluate me. Thanks for providing me a valuable time Sir. I loved your classes a lot. Now I hope if I could’ve had all my quants section with you. Once again I regret not telling you before and apologies for all the inconveniences caused. Thanking You!

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