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Posted on July 07 2011

Y-Axis numerous realistic promises you had commited to, and almost all the time, you have kept those promises.

By  Editor
Updated April 26 2023
From: Xdxy Xrxdhyx Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2011 11:02 PM To: Joshila Hepsibha L; Mohammed Omer Subject: Re: Account details Good Morning! Thank you very much Joshila. I have started tracking my application. I hope everything goes well. I also would like to take this oppurtunity to commend on the excellent service you have shown: Customer Service: I have very rarely seen such outstanding customer service that you gave, from anyone. It was one of the best experiences i had while we worked together. I hardly felt the distance between Hyderabad and Bangalore while you dealt my case. Empathy: For everything dealt - documentation readiness, document verification, document scrutiny, keeping me informed, etc. - there has been a good amount of empathy shown by you towards me. You understood my case clearly, and knew how to precisely handle it. There was no instance when i felt uneasy or uncomfortable while conversing with you. This is an excellent quality all of us need to have. Keeping customer informed: You had never kept me in the dark, as far as information i deserve, goes. Either on phone calls, or on emails, there has been a good amount of updates you have given at the right times, which actually made me feel light. Connecting up with Hyderabad from Bangalore demanded this sort of service, which was well maintained by you. Promises kept: There were numerous realistic promises you had commited to, and almost all the time, you have kept those promises. With the number of clients you have to cater to, i am sure it is not an easy task. It could be while getting the documents ready, or calling me for updates at agreed times or even while replying to emails with the information i sought, there has been no instances where you have broken the promises you had made. Going the extra mile: On the day my documents were to be dispatched, you took the pain of staying back in office for an extra hour and a half to complete the audit and dispatch my documents. That is seldom seen in others, and that is something i really would like to appreciate about. That gave me a good amount of confidence not just in you, but also on Y-Axis. Thank you very much for all the support you have given. I am sure the others in your team would be the same, yet i would recommend you to share some/all of these best practices of customer service with the team during your meetings. Personally, i learnt quite a lot from you. Please take care. Best Regards, Xdxy Xrxdhyx

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