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Posted on November 14 2022

Dhanshree Gopalkar happy with Y-Axis Coaching Tutor Anthony R

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
  I am writing this letter to inform you that today's IELTS class was not only very informative but also interesting. In Today's IELTS class I have learned more things that there are 3 types of letters and how to write letters from the IELTS exam point of view and also from a personal & professional view. You have explained all the points in detail on how to write Informal, Semi-Formal, and Formal letters. How to start and close a letter, what should be written in the main body of the letter having 150-200 words. From this class I have got to know how to write a letter, I will use this information in the exam & also in professional life. I am really very grateful to have a wonderful teacher like you.

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