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Posted on January 18 2013

Suddenly one day i felt like Sun was in front of me

By Editor
Updated April 26 2023
Hi , I have been trying to go abroad since a decade and jumped in to various tunnels thinking they might take me one or the other day to abroad .Years passed but my journey through the tunnels continued with out my eyes looking at the light .Suddenly one day i felt like Sun was infront of me ,that was the day when i approached Y-Axis .Now you can imagine what role Y-Axis played in my life till date .It took me out of the tunnel and has shown me the path that paved way towards australia .Today is the day where i am filled with full of happiness and joy and coming out with flying colors of sucess in getting the VISA .This could have not been possible with out Y-Axis (the SUN in my life) .I spoke to some of my friends who run the immigration consultancies about Y-Axis and my VISA processing through Y-Axis ,they challenged that Y-Axis is not the right destiny for me ,i kept quiet for a while ( few months ) thinking that my decision to choose Y-Axis was right out of the confidence i have in Y-Axis.They are experts in VISA documentation to Australia.I can proudly say that my decision was right in choosing Y-Axis .Jsut simply provide the documents requested by them ,everything else from there is a childs play because we will have to just lay back and concentrate on our work . Finally i would say Y-Axis are the poineers in Australian immigration .It was an awesome experience so far . Thank you Y-Axis ! God bless you and your family of employees. Regards ,

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