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Posted on November 12 2020

Why do most Indians prefer to file their PR Visa applications through Y-Axis?

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Nobody wants to take a chance

Nobody wants to take a chanceGetting a PR Visa is life-changing for many professionals and their families. The risk-return on hiring Y-Axis as their consultant is negligible compared to the risk they would be taking either by doing it by themselves or going to consultants who don’t have the credentials and offer a discount.


Y-Axis relies on Algorithms and pure data

Y-Axis relies on Algorithms and pure dataY-Axis uses XODUS our proprietary state-of-the-art matchmaking to check what is the best occupation that matches your profile. Our database is filled with over a million profiles like you whom we have counseled, evaluated, matched and processed over the last 20 years. Our software built on has been collecting data since 2009. That's 11 years of hard data. We don’t rely on the mere intuition of our consultants alone but is supported by hard data. Your chance of going wrong for having chosen the wrong occupation is negligible.

Canada PR Visa Success = Documentation + English + Job Offer

Canada PR Visa Success Canada PR Visa's success depends not just on your ability to pick the right occupation and fill a form. It depends on doing well on your IELTS and on getting a job offer. Y-Axis offers this entire solution at the highest quality and value so that you have an increased chance of success. 

Great Value 

Great Value  Y-Axis provides the complete packages of counseling, documentation, IELTS, job search and visa filing at a great value. You not only get great value but also seamless service. You can relook at our application; retake your IELTS; extend your job search and work on Plan B. There is so much value that comes from an integrated player like Y-Axis.

Plan B

Plan BYou have to be realistic when it comes to immigration. What if something does not work out? What is the recourse? Will you have to give up your dream? Y-Axis always has a Plan B which will bring renewed hope in pursuing your overseas career. 

  Counseling - MentorCounseling - Mentor

Y-Axis is not merely an immigration consultant but your counselor first. We listen to you and provide you a solution that is real and practical. We evaluate your paperwork, your chance of passing the IELTS and getting a job offer. Only when we recognize that you have a high probability of success would we sign you up. We are aiming to have you as a customer for a lifetime and rely on your reference to your family and friends.

IELTS Coaching

IELTS CoachingDid you know that Y-AXIS Live Coaching is the single largest provider of IELTS online classes in India? Nobody comes close to the number of students and the testimonials we have. We are the Platinum Partners of British Council and have over 50 IELTS Instructors and our classes are conducted from 7Am to 11 pm at night!


Job Search Services

Job Search ServicesWe take great pride in our job search services which has evolved over the years. You will be assigned a Job Search Artist who strategizes for you and connects you with an entire team who would work dedicatedly for you. We have a team of resume writers, Linkedin experts, resume marketers and even bots that continuously update our employer directories. We have over 150,000 employers in our directories and have created over 10,000 resumes for over 25 industries over the last 20 years.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Our customers realize how we are passionate about our business. You will feel it when you interact with our consultants. We are in business because we are passionate about Indians going abroad, settling down, taking their families and someday even coming back. Every time someone goes we celebrate. Our mission is to create Global Indians like you. 

Business Continuity

Business ContinuityIn this day and age of pandemics, it’s important to ensure the business continuity of the company you signed up with. Y-Axis is financially, technologically and culturally strong to remain `in business. 

Why don’t you use the opportunity of the lockdown to get your Canada PR started?

Canada departments are still open and are processing online. The good news is that the curve has started flattening and the offices and Canadian businesses will soon start opening up.

Use this time to collect your documentation, prepare for the IELTS and search for your job in Canada.

Once everything is back to normal, you will never get this much time for your application.

You should make sure you have a backup plan for you and your family should God forbid we see more pandemics like. When you are on a flight to Canada which allows PR Visa Holders to enter even in a pandemic you will realize what a wise decision you took for your family and your children's future when you signed up with Y-Axis for your Canada PR Visa.



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