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Posted on April 23 2022

Who can write the SAT?

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Choosing the proper standard test to make an enormous difference to your college application will pave a path to your desired career. Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is a standardized test considered by the college boards for the students seeking admission to undergraduate schools.

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Many college boards accept SAT scores from almost 85 countries like the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, India, and many more. US stands top in accepting the SAT score for undergraduate students; next is the UK, India, Canada, Japan, Australia, Austria, Mexico, and more.

Accepting the SAT scorecards among various countries has increased in the last five years. The minimum requirement is based on the specific university and the course you opted for.

SAT is a reliable, secure test and follows standard procedures anywhere.

Registering for the SAT Test:

  1. The SAT is given six times a year worldwide.
  2. The requirements differ from country to country, and the information is available on every university's official website.
  3. International students do not have the option called late registration.
  4. Always check the help option given while filling up the SAT registration process if you are an international student.
  5. Meet the deadlines listed during the registration process.

SAT Pattern:

Understanding the pattern of the SAT measures the readiness of college students. SAT score ranges from 400 to 1600. It is considered the evidence-based Reading and Writing score, which ranges from 200 – to 800, and the Math score, which ranges from 200 to 800. The total duration of the Test, if you choose to essay section, is four hours 5 minutes, along with breaks.

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Section Number of Questions Duration in Minutes Score
SAT Reading 52 65 200 -800
SAT Writing 44 35  
No Calculator Math 20 (Grid & Multiple choice questions) 25  
Yes Calculator Math 38 (Grid & Multiple choice questions) 55 200 -800
SAT Essay (Optional) 1 Prompt 50 2 from Reading , Writing and Analysing

SAT Study Plan preparation 

  • Once you register for SAT, make time to focus on the preparation.
  • Practice the mock tests for SAT.
  • Boost your scores by analysing your mock results.
  • Prepare a customized study plan to attempt the Test confidently.
  • Modify your strategies for the betterment of scores in each section.
  • Set a base score before you start the preparation.
  • Attempting PSAT or official SAT during 10th and 11th standards before writing to get admission to international boards will help gauge the score to assess your strengths and weaknesses.

You can always enrol yourself in an online SAT coaching training program for desired results.

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Tips to prepare for SAT

  • The Writing language section of the SAT Test is to test your writing skills wherein you need to edit or organize the text into passages, sentences, and paragraphs. Multiple choice is designed to test the sentence Punctuation, structure, and usage of the words.
  • SAT Maths contains three sections: Algebra and functions, probability and data analysis, and geometry statistics.
  • There is no negative marking on SATs, so attempt as many questions as possible.

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