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Posted on January 18 2023

Which courses are eligible for PR in Australia for 2023?

By  Editor
Updated November 01 2023

List of courses that are eligible for PR in Australia

As per the recent data, 16 courses are eligible for Australian PR. International students can pursue these courses to qualify for PR in Australia.

PR Trade courses Automotive
Engineering Hospitality
Computer and IT Social work
Accounting Dentistry
Education and Teaching Building and construction
Nursing and Midwife Cooking and chef courses
Medical science Painting and decorating
Plumbing and technician Psychology

Let’s find out more about the top 5 courses in detail

1.      Engineering –

Engineering is a go-to course for most international students as the country offers curriculum-rich subject matter and scope. Australia, in particular, offers exciting options for engineering courses with an exceeding demand for skilled engineers.

Occupation Average annual salary
Aeronautical engineer 50.78 lakhs
Agricultural engineer 36.31 lakhs
Chemical engineer 38.66 lakhs
Electrical engineer 41 lakhs
Electronics engineer 38.77 lakhs
Industrial engineer 36.85 lakhs
Environmental  engineer 39.51 lakhs
Materials engineer 40.9 lakhs
Geographical engineer 69.61 lakhs
Mechanical engineer 39.35 lakhs

Top universities for Engineering in Australia 2023

University World ranking
University of Melbourne 37
Australian national university 27
RMIT university 206
Monash university 58
University of Queensland 47
University of Sydney 38
University of New South Wales 43
University of Technology Sydney 133

2.      Computer and Information Technology –

Technological development is a continuous process and has given rise to more employment opportunities. The country is a great place to pursue a computer degree; passed-out graduates are highly coveted. Today, the IT sector is a driving force in our economy, and more professionals are being hired to make up for the work.

Occupation Average annual salary
ICT Support Engineer 43.05 lakhs
Software Engineer 42.81 lakhs
Software Tester 35.17 lakhs
Systems Analyst 40.49 lakhs
Computer Network 42.40 lakhs
Developer Programmer 48.70 lakhs

Top universities for Computer and IT in Australia 2023

University World ranking
University of Melbourne 37
Australian National University 27
RMIT University 206
University of Queensland 47
University of Sydney 38
University of New South Wales 43
La Trobe University 362

3.      Accounting –

There is a growing trend for students in pursuance of accounting courses as it is turning into one of the most desirable professions all over the world. Accountants are given much respect and appreciation and are given good opportunities in acclaimed firms in Australia.

Occupation Average annual salary
Accountant 32.25 lakhs
Finance Managers 53.04 lakhs
Auditor 29.78 lakhs
Budget analyst 52.05 lakhs

Top universities for Accounting in Australia 2023

University World ranking
University of Melbourne 37
Australian National University 27
University of Queensland 47
University of Sydney 38
University of New South Wales 43
University of Adelaide 108
Edith Cowan University 651-700

4.      Education & Training –

The Teaching sector is a universally popular profession that is constantly in demand. The education system in Australia is of the finest quality, with more availability for teaching professionals. A PR can be obtained by students pursuing courses related to the education and training department.

Occupation Average annual salary
Primary teacher 48.22 lakhs
University lecturer 56.62 lakhs
Vocational education  teacher 46.24 lakhs
Secondary school teacher 39.58 lakhs
Special needs teacher 47.14 lakhs

Top universities for Education in Australia 2023

University World ranking
Monash university 58
Deakin university 283
University of Queensland 47
University of Sydney 38
University of Canberra 436
University of Wollongong 193

5.      Medical courses

The demand for medical practitioners is exceptionally high in Australia, further increasing the possibilities of attaining a PR. Such courses usually last for 5-7 years with MCI/WHO certification, allowing you to participate in internships.

Occupation Average annual salary
Medical practitioner 91.88 lakhs
Resident medical officer 69.73 lakhs
General practitioner 1.07 crores

Top universities for Medical courses in Australia 2023

University World ranking
University of Melbourne 37
Australian National university 27
University of Sydney 38
Deakin university 283
University of Tasmania 303
University of New South Wales 43

List of PR Trade courses in Australia

Trade courses are curated to help students develop hard skills to perform skill-based tasks. These courses promote technical skills and coaching dedicated to performing dedicated tasks.

Painting and Decorating
Air conditioning and refrigeration
Boat building
Electrical engineering technician
Engineering fabrication
Automotive body repair

*Check your eligibility through our Australia Immigration Points Calculator

Australia PR – Checklist

Some points need to be kept in mind to make yourself eligible for the Australia PR. Some of them include the following –

  • You must have studied for a minimum of 2 years in any vocational or educational courses in Australia.
  • You must adhere to the Australia Study Requirements.
  • The ANZSCO job description must include your occupation listed in it.
  • Apply for a visa for six months
  • CRICOS must approve the program you choose.

485 Visa Updates

A few changes have recently been made about the duration of the 485 visas (international graduates with skills and qualifications)

Let’s find out about it –

  • International students can be looking for a permanent residency.
  • You can extend your visa if your employer is willing to sponsor you for a permanent ENS or a TSS visa.
  • It would be best if you had the required skillset based on your occupational eligibility and must have the skills required for that particular visa.
  • The appointed occupation must align with your field of study.

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