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Posted on January 18 2019

What is the Canada Business Visa for overseas immigrants?

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Canada Business Visa

The Canada Business Visa is for overseas business people who intend to arrive at the nation for diverse business purposes. Being a highly developed economy, Canada attracts several people and businesses overseas. At times, these people need to arrive at Canada for meeting prospective business partners. This is for signing their business pacts or developing business plans. They will need a visa to arrive in Canada and it is the Canada Business Visa.

Canada Business Visa permits individuals to arrive at the nation for doing business with a firm in Canada and engage in below-mentioned activities:

  • Be present at meetings
  • Take part in conferences or workshops
  • Sign agreements, etc

The Business Delegations and Business Persons Visa (Canada Business Visa) is a provisional Visa. It implies that the individual who holds the Visa can remain in Canada only for a short time period, normally for less than 6 months.

Moreover, the individual with Canada Business Visa is not permitted to work for any firm in Canada. They are permitted only to sign any potential pacts or discuss business, as quoted by the CIC News.

If you need to arrive at Canada to work provisionally, then you will need the Provisional Workers Visa. The Canada Business Visa also does not permit you to benefit from health coverage in Canada. You also cannot apply for obtaining Canadian documents.

The requirements for the Canada Business Visa are more comprehensive than the Canada Visitor Visa. This is because the Embassy and Government intend to ensure that you will not attempt to work unlawfully in Canada.

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Canada Business Visa


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