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Posted on January 20 2016

Becoming a citizen of the UK through naturalization: A brief introduction

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

UK Immigration

There are two classifications of citizenship applications that can be made via the route of naturalization. Firstly, through the premise of marriage with a UK citizen. And secondly, through the premise of five years lawful habitation in the UK. The former one can be connected to in the wake of finishing three years. While in the latter classification, one needs to finish five years of lawful living arrangement.

There is one regular necessity to both of these classes, that the candidate must be free of movement control. By this, you require indefinite leave to remain in the UK or own a permanent home in the UK. Moreover, if the candidate is not wedded to a UK national they should be free from immigration control for 12 months before applying for naturalization.

There are different migration classifications that prompt movement subject to satisfaction of specific prerequisites. Apply for naturalization on staying in the UK for 12 months subsequent to getting an indefinite leave to remain (ILR) status in the UK,. In any case, the primary candidate must necessarily be satisfied that he more likely than not lived 6 years in the UK. A non-EEA national is ordinarily given a leave to stay to join his British (Citizen) life partner in the UK for a long time.

There are various prerequisites that one needs to satisfy and get to be qualified for the benefit of calling himself/herself a British Citizen. In conclusion, the aspirant has to fulfill a number of requirements based on age, sound mind, intention to live in the UK, satisfactory knowledge of English Language, sufficient knowledge of life in the UK, character of the person and residence requirements; as specified by the Government of UK.

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