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Posted on May 07 2016

Top Ten Cities in UK for Students

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
UK Cities For a student going abroad for higher studies, while the quality of education remains the prime criterion for choosing a university or city, what also matters a lot is the social life, amicable society, places to visit, cost of living and the list of small joys goes on. If a guide could help you choose what best suits you, life can be a lot easier. Here is a list of the Top 10 student cities in UK, keeping the best for the last. 10 Norwich Standing at 10th position is Norwich. Famous for being one of the finest cities in medieval times, it is now a fine blend of history and modern sophistication. It is a walled city with 32 medieval churches, a cathedral and a Norman castle. Norwich is considered very safe and economical with hundreds of student-friendly pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes and bars. The city also offers a good night life, parks for sports and wide range of shopping options. The city has two universities: University of East Anglia and University of Arts. Average weekly rent can be anywhere between £65–70. 9 Southampton Southampton is known as one of the UK’s greenest cities owing to its natural scenic beauty and its maritime heritage. Much admired as a lively place to study along with umpteen options for part-time jobs, Southampton, known as the Emporium of the south, Southampton continues to grow as an alluring shopping destination. Water sports, art galleries, theatres, and dance avenues, along with student-friendly pubs, are some of the other attractions. The city has two universities: University of Southampton and Southampton Solent University. Average weekly rent can be anywhere between £70–75 and London is only 1 hour 15 minutes away by train. 8 Brighton At number 8, we’ve London by the Sea, the city of Brighton, located 50 miles south of London, attracting a majority of its students from the capital. The capital reflects its image on Brighton in terms of the life style and wide range of options it has to offer. The city has a network of cycle lanes, a wide range of water sports, golf courses, swimming pools, 24 cricket pitches, more than 60 tennis courts and 70 football pitches. The night life, cinemas and museums are other attractions. Brighton has two universities: University of Brighton and University of Sussex. Average weekly rent can be anywhere from £95–100. 7 – Sheffield For long, Sheffield has been famous as a favourite student destination for its friendliness, low cost of living and easy access to places. Students reside all across the city unlike other places where they restrict themselves to particular locations. The bus fares are the cheapest in UK and Supertram serves both universities. The city has many adventure sports to offer along with a fabulous nightlife and cinemas. Sheffield has two universities, the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. The average weekly rent can be anywhere from £70–75. 6 – Bristol About an hour and 45 minutes from London, Bristol is a popular student location though it has a reputation of being heavy on the pocket. There is a thriving local economy, which directly affects the cost of living. Bristol holds the pride of being UK’s first Cycling City. The bus fares are reasonable and travel by car is not easy as parking options are limited. Bristol offers a wide range of sporting options including tennis, swimming, ice skating, golf, rowing and indoor climbing centres. Vibrant night life, interactive science centre, series of shopping malls etc. are the other attractions. Bristol has two universities: University of Bristol and University of the West of England. Average weekly rent can be anywhere between £85–90. 5Leeds Leeds is well known for its law and accounting firms, making it a commercial centre with friendly people and a lively vibe. Rental accommodation is relatively cheap due to surplus accommodation and students have made their own territory as much communication exists between students of the three universities. Bus fares are very affordable and bicycles are encouraged with the introduction of cycle lanes in 2014. It is a great place for music lovers with various live performance venues all across the city. Bristol has three universities: University of Leeds, Leeds Trinity University and Leeds Beckett University. Average weekly rent can be anywhere between £70–75. 4Newcastle Newcastle upon Tyne, is in North East England known for its North Sea coast and serene country side, friendly people, sparkling nightlife, numerous shopping facilities with a fine standard of living all at a reasonably low cost. Football is like a religion in the North East, Newcastle Eagles, the most successful basketball team of UK practice at a universities’ sports centre, and if you like the betting game the Newcastle Racecourse can be tempting. Students get exciting offers at the pubs but the other places that grab their attention are the rich collection of Museums, galleries, theatres and live music venues. Newcastle has two universities: Newcastle University, and Northumbria University. Average weekly rent can be anywhere between £65–70. 3Edinburgh As we move up to the list of most happening student cities, the attractions increase along with the expenses. The historic Edinburgh has a heritage to boast of, but today it nurtures a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Though the cost of living is high, Edinburgh attracts thousands of students every year. Much visited for its festivals ranging from art, literature and films, Edinburgh is a great place for students to groom themselves not just in academics but also in terms of culture and lifestyle. Edinburgh has four universities: The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University, Heriot-Watt University and Queen Margaret University. Average weekly rent can be anywhere between £75– 80. 2Manchester  Manchester is the commercial and cultural hub of Northern England. The world’s favourite, Manchester United Football Club is their pride. Studded with glitz and glamour, the city is one of the most fashionable student locations in Britain, boasting of over 400 pubs and café bars and an extravagant nightlife. The city has well-served bus, tram and train services; however, the bicycle is a practical alternative for students. The sporting facilities here are tailor-made for enthusiasts of cycling, aquatics, martial arts, mountaineering and wrestling, to name a few. Manchester has three universities: University of Manchester, University of Salford and Manchester Metropolitan University. Average weekly rent can be anywhere between £70–75. 1 London Topping the list is London, the largest city of UK and has the maximum number of universities. London meets and exceeds the needs and expectations of every visitor. Definitely the most happening place amongst the rest, London is served by an extensive network of bus, railway and underground services accessible with student passes, while accommodation is a major expense. Students who know how to strike a balance in life will find this place ideal. London has 40 universities to choose from, most of them within city limits and the rest spread outside the city too. Average weekly rent can be anywhere between £105–110.


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