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Posted on November 27 2020

Top 8 reasons for rejection of Australia PR application 2021

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
australia pr

As a PR visa applicant, you will wish your application is approved. But sometimes you could be unlucky and your PR visa application can be rejected. There could be various reasons behind this. These are based on the mistakes made by applicants that lead to refusal.

Find out the reasons for rejection. This will help you discover what went wrong or the mistakes in your application so that you can avoid them in your next attempt to get a PR visa. To help you here are the top 8 reasons for rejection of your PR visa application in 2021.

  1. Application for the wrong visa type

The application process for all the visa subclasses is the same. However, the qualifying criteria differs.

Your PR application can be rejected if you apply for a visa category but do not satisfy the criteria for that visa. So, consider the criteria for each subclass and choose the category under which you are most likely to qualify.

  1. Violation of conditions of your previous visa

You may be disqualified for the PR visa if your previous records show that you overstayed on a temporary visa or failed to adhere to the conditions of a previous visa.

The authorities could reject your visa application if they feel that you might misuse the privileges of a PR visa as you did with other Australian visas.

  1. Incomplete or inconsistent information in your visa application

Your visa application can be rejected if you submit false information or if the authorities find that you have not provided complete information.  To avoid this, check your application before submitting it.  Ensure that you give all the required details and information. submit all the proofs and documents to support the information in your application.

  1. Failure to meet health requirements for the visa

Your application can be rejected if you require treatment for any health conditions that the Australian authorities feel will be a financial burden on their medical system. PR visa applications are rejected if the applicant suffers from medical conditions such as HIV, cancer, heart conditions or mental health issues.

  1. Failure to meet the character requirements

Australia is wary of allowing immigrants who have a criminal record. Applications are scrutinized on an individual basis and the visa application can be rejected if applicants have a criminal record or history of harassing others or are associated with a criminal organization.

  1. Lack of enough funds

Before entering the country on a PR visa, Australian authorities wish to ensure that applicants have enough funds to support their stay in the country. So, you will have to provide proof of your financial status with supporting financial statements.

  1. Inability to score the required level in English language proficiency test

If you don't score the required levels in your English language proficiency test your PR visa can be rejected. Australia is strict in terms of language proficiency and you should have the required score levels to qualify for a visa.

  1. Failure to clear the visa verification process

There are chances of your visa application being rejected at the last stages if you are unable to clear the verification of your medical or character requirements or other important information in your application.

The Australian immigration authorities are careful in their verification process. They insist on thoroughly checking the documents you submit. If it is discovered that you have submitted false information, you can be debarred from entering the country for a certain number of years.

What can you do when your application is rejected?

If your application is rejected, you can find out the reasons from the department of immigration. You must make an appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) but in the prescribed time. They will review the decision and give you reasons for the rejection.

A review will also give you an opportunity to give an explanation to the points raised in the review document and provide any missing information or documents.

You must take care to follow the deadline for a review otherwise you will lose the opportunity to get a visa. Take care to submit a thorough review application and you will still get an opportunity to secure your PR visa.

The AAT can overturn the rejection decision or even give another decision or send it to the concerned department for reconsideration.



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