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Posted on February 28 2023

Top 5 countries to study STEM courses

By  Editor
Updated February 24 2024

What is STEM?

  • STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and is one of the most sought-after courses in today’s world.
  • STEM comprises a distinctive collection of academic courses combined to form a collective version that is widely used.
  • The basic eligibility for a STEM course is a post-secondary degree in any of the disciplines.
  • Universities on a global level have started incorporating STEM into the regular academic curriculum.
  • USA, UK, and Canada are the top 3 countries offering a wide range of STEM courses.

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Top 5 countries offering STEM courses

Let’s find out more about the countries with the top STEM courses and the universities that offer them:

List of countries Top STEM Courses Top universities offering STEM courses
USA Computer science Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Biomedical sciences California Institute of Technology
Chemical engineering Harvard University
Mathematics & statistics Stanford University
Civil engineering University of California Berkeley
UK Civil Engineering University of Cambridge
Electrical Engineering University of Oxford
Mechanical Engineering Imperial College London
Chemical Engineering University College London
Mathematics The University of Edinburgh
Computer Science The University of Manchester King’s College London
Psychology University of Bristol
Chemistry The University of Warwick
Biology University of Glasgow
Data Science
Canada Aerospace Engineering University of Waterloo
Chemical Engineering University of Saskatchewan
Biochemistry University of Alberta
Astronomy University of Calgary
Computer Science University of Guelph
Civil Engineering University of British Columbia
Biology University of Toronto
Chemistry McGill University
Electrical Engineering University of Montreal
Mechanical Engineering Concordia University
Mathematics University of Ontario Institute Technology
Psychology University of Ottawa
Information Science University of Victoria
Physics Ryerson University
Computer Programming
Food Technology and Processing
Germany Aeronautical Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich
Agricultural Engineering Technical University of Munich
Architectural Engineering Heidelberg University
Astronomy Humboldt University Berlin
Biochemistry University of Freiburg
Biomedical Technology University of Tubingen
Chemistry RWTH Aachen
Chemical Engineering Technical University Berlin
Civil Engineering Free University of Berlin
Computer Programming University of Bonn
Computer and Information Science
Environmental Studies
Food Science
Mechanical Engineering
Australia Software Engineering Australian National University
Chemical Engineering University of Melbourne
Environmental Studies The University of Sydney
Food Science University of New South Wales
Mechanical Engineering University of Queensland
Architectural Engineering University of Adelaide
Plant Sciences
Human Biology

Why choose STEM?


  • STEM courses offered by the USA are extensive and provide in-depth technical and theoretical knowledge.
  • The STEM courses in the USA come with an option of STEM-OPT that allows students to extend their course for an additional year post completing the current course.
  • Various universities and institutions in the USA offer 400+ STEM courses as of 2023.

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  • UK is the second top country that witnesses many international students migrating to learn STEM courses.
  • Candidates enrolled in STEM programs at government-registered universities and institutions in the UK qualify for PSW.

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  • Canada is one of the most favorable countries to migrate to for studies as it offers flexible immigration laws and policies.
  • Students are given high-quality training with practical sessions, industrial exposure, and trending STEM courses.

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  • Germany has one of the top graduate crowd pursuing STEM courses in the country with a whopping 31%.
  • STEM courses in Germany offer global exposure, quality education and post-study opportunities.

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  • The Australian National University was given the 9th position in (Earth & Marine) Life sciences.
  • Australia offers top STEM courses that are currently trending with top-notch training amenities.

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STEM courses are profitable career-wise while making you eligible for a long-term work visa. Graduates from STEM courses are given plenty of employment options with immigration opportunities.


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