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Posted on January 07 2016

Top 20 cities for immigration in 2016

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Top 20 Cities

As promised yesterday, we at Y-Axis have worked on another list where we look at cities in these countries rather than the countries themselves. Just like the countries, this research will concentrate on data from Numbeo. Similarly, we can accept without any doubts that western nations are more similar in terms of city and town development. As potential immigrants to foreign cities, one of the most informant things to consider is the cost of living factor. This includes house rent, groceries, transport, consumer or purchasing power index, restaurants and other lifestyle choices, crime, pollution, quality of life, and healthcare. Updates to city cost of living index are on a regular basis and is up to date.

To this end, we have worked on a list of cities which are high in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). To this information we have paralleled to our list from yesterdays’ final list to give you the 20 best cities for immigration in 2016.

The top countries with most mentioned top 100 cities Consumer Price Index (CPI) are:

United States 41

United Kingdom 15


Hong Kong

Switzerland 7

Norway 5

France 4

Denmark 4

Japan 3

New Zealand 2

Of the top 20 cities named, number 2 to number 8 are in Switzerland, drawing us to a quick conclusion Switzerland is an expensive country. However, if you want top salaried jobs, this is the best country to go to. Norway has 4 cities, which is quite brilliant for a country with such few cities. The US has 4 cities mentioned which is not surprising is outweighs the next top contender in the top countries list by 26 cities. The tail end of the top 20 ends with Iceland, Australia and the United Kingdom with one each. Hamilton in Bahamas and Nassau in Bermuda are also mentioned in the list.

So this is how the final top 20 list reads:

Switzerland: Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Zug, Bern, Lausanne, Lugano

Norway: Tromso, Trondheim, Stravanger, Bergen, Oslo

United States: San Francisco, New York, Honolulu, Washington D.C.

Iceland: Reykjavik

Australia: Darwin

United Kingdom: Aberdeen, London

In conclusion, we can say with surety that the cities in United States and United Kingdom are the best cities to immigrate to; while the city-states of Singapore and Hong Kong in Asia are sure shot winners in immigration. Expensive cities pay high salaries and this is the main reason to immigrate to these cities for work.

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Top 20 cities


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