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Posted on January 31 2023

Top 10 Highest Paid Professions in Ireland, 2023

By  Editor
Updated October 31 2023

Benefits of working in Ireland

  • Ireland offers an average annual salary of €48,000 (US $53,000).
  • Ireland is ranked as 3rd safest country in the world, by Global Peace Index.
  • The country has a very high life expectancy of 82.66 years.
  • Employees who have completed at least eight months in an organization will receive an unbroken annual leave of two weeks.

Thanks to the advantageous geographical location of Ireland and its good connectivity, the country attracts a good number of multinational companies. Ireland is the headquarters of many companies providing wealth opportunities for its citizens and foreign workers.

The country offers an average annual salary of €48,000 (US $53,000) with many additional employee benefits, including two weeks of unbroken annual leaves, maternity/ paternity leaves, extra pay for overtime, free health services, work-life balance, social security benefits, and education benefits. The Gross Domestic Product of Ireland is expected to grow significantly and is projected at 523.34 USD Billion by 2023 end. The below table shows the average salaries of the top ten highest-paid professions in Ireland:

S No Job Title Average Salary
1 Surgeons / Doctors Between 71,600 EUR to 222,000 EUR
2 Judges Between 60,100 EUR to 186,000 EUR
3 Lawyers Between 48,700 EUR to 151,000 EUR
4 Bank Managers Between 45,800 EUR to 142,000 EUR
5 Chief Executive Officers Between 42,900 EUR to 133,000 EUR
6 Chief Financial Officers Between 40,100 EUR to 124,000 EUR
7 Orthodontists Between 38,600 EUR to 120,000 EUR
8 College Professors Between 34,300 EUR to 106,000 EUR
9 Pilots Between 28,600 EUR to 88,700 EUR
10 Marketing Directors Between 25,800 EUR to 79,800 EUR

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  1. Surgeons / Doctors: With an annual average salary between 71,600 EUR to 222,000 EUR, Surgeons or Doctors are the highest-paid professionals in Ireland. Being a doctor or a surgeon involves high risks and requires solid knowledge about your profession. It is often due to the nature of the job and a long learning period.
  2. Judges: The minimum salary a Judge in Ireland draws is 60,100 EUR. Judges are responsible for deciding someone’s fate which is an arduous task, and the compensation is justified. Also, the salary will depend highly on the years of experience. For example, a judge with an understanding of two years may receive 34% less than a judge with five years of experience.
  3. Lawyers: A lawyer in Ireland draws a salary between 48,700 EUR to 151,000 EUR. The salary of a lawyer is based on the level of value in the eyes of their clients and their experience. A good lawyer may earn two times more than an average lawyer. A good lawyer can save clients from paying hefty fines or a death sentence for some.
  4. Bank Managers: Bank Managers receive a salary ranging from 45,800 EUR to 142,000 EUR. Bank managers are also associated with a very high-risk-bearing profession. They have to be the in-charge if billions of funds and investments, making it a critical job for which a high salary is perfectly justified.
  5. Chief Executive Officers: Chief Executive Officers (CEO) get remuneration between 42,900 EUR to 133,000 EUR and are responsible for a successful and profitable company. Therefore, this high pay is justified by the risks involved and the vast possibility of impact. His work will also impact an organization’s failure.
  6. Chief Financial Officers: A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) gets paid between 40,100 EUR to 124,000 EUR. A CFO manages a company's spending, revenue, money, costs, etc., and hence involves critical decision-making. Also, any jobs involving finances qualify for higher pay.
  7. Orthodontists: Orthodontists draw a salary worth between 40,100 EUR to 124,000 EUR. An Orthodontist prevents, diagnoses, and treats facial & dental irregularities. The job falls in the healthcare industry, where clients pay a high cost for the service performed.
  8. College Professors: A College Professor is being paid in the range of 34,300 EUR to 106,000 EUR depending on the years of experience achieved. This is one of the most prestigious careers requiring persistence and probably why they earn so high.
  9. Pilots: Pilots in Ireland are paid remuneration between 28,600 EUR to 88,700 EUR. This is one the most passionate and exciting high-paying jobs requiring strict training hours. They take responsibility daily for the safety of many passengers boarding a flight.
  10. Marketing Directors: A company's Marketing Director receives a pay between 25,800 EUR to 79,800 EUR. They are the ones who are responsible for increasing the revenue of their company. The salary they get is entirely justified for the risks they take.

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