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Posted on August 17 2020

Tips and tricks for the PTE Highlight Correct Summary question

By  Editor
Updated March 27 2024

The PTE Highlight Correct Summary of the PTE exam is a listening activity where you will have to listen and choose the best summary.


In the PTE exam, you will be given 2 to 3 PTE Highlight Correct Summary tasks. In the task, you will have to listen to a recording which will be 30 to 90 seconds long. You will then have to choose an option that is the best summary of the recording. Your score in this section adds to your listening and reading scores.


This section tests your:

  • Listening comprehension
  • Ability to analyze and combine information
  • Ability to identify the most accurate summary

You can take a few notes, but your focus should be on listening to the passage.


Some points to consider:

The test will begin with a 10-second pause for every session before the audio starts for 30 to 90 seconds.


You will then choose one of the four written summaries that are given to you. Obviously, you will choose the text you believe t represents the main ideas and examples of the recording you just heard.


You will get one point for every correct answer and there is no negative marking.


Here are some tips for this question of the PTE exam:

  • Use the first 10 seconds of silence to skim the various summaries before recording begins. Yet don't read them to infer which one is correct, it would make no sense till you have listened to the whole passage.
  • You need to train your listening to quickly interpret the speaker's key topics or concerns, as well as his subsequent ideas or examples.
  • Keep your ears open to repetitions. They'll specify your key markers.
  • Typically, a lecture or an interview starts with a presentation of the main ideas, so listen attentively from the beginning.
  • The speaker often uses other symbols to implement, or explain, a significant concept, you must watch out for them.
  • In the end, the speaker tends to sum up his ideas.
  • This last part is important as it gives you the direction, he or she is attempting to direct the point of view of the listener.
  • Some changes in their voice or intonations could give you some tips.
  • While listening to the audio, identify and note down the main idea and the points that support the main idea. As for the PTE Academic listening module, nothing works better than taking notes (if you follow the right method).
  • Read out the summaries now. The best summary will consist of the principal idea and the supporting points.
  • Skip options in the recording which focus on minor ideas or unnecessary information.
  • Exclude summaries containing details not specified in the recording. Also, you can ignore the choices opposing/presenting a different opinion from what the recording says.

Dos and don’ts of note-taking

When listening to the passage note down the keywords down throughout the introduction and the end. Also, they give you the key points or the lecture structure.


To prevent a waste of time searching for the same words used by the speaker, write down the core concepts in your own words.


Don't try to write down whatever you hear.


Do not write lines all over, or in between, because during the audio, because you think that two ideas relate to each other.


 Do not write complete sentences but use keywords.


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