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Posted on August 04 2020

Tips to tackle Task 1 of IELTS Writing section

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Tips to tackle Task 1 of IELTS Writing section

The Academic IELTS Writing test requires you to answer two prompt questions in an hour. IELTS Writing Task 1 requires writing a report based on information found in one or two graphics (for example, graphs or charts). Task 1 is an incredibly predictable exercise. And once you learn the basic pattern of a successful answer to IELTS Writing Task 1, you can apply it every time!

To help you do well in this question here is more information on the basics of Task 1 and tips to boost your score.

For Writing Task 1, you have 20 minutes to compose 150 words or more. You'll be given one or two pictures, and your job is to write a short report on what you see.

For IELTS Writing Task 1 an important scoring category is "Task Achievement." This is one of the four key categories that IELTS uses to measure the writing. IELTS describes this as a measurement of how well, correctly and relevantly the answer meets the criteria set out in the task, using 150 words.

Basically, to score well in this group, you must obey every letter of the instructions and the prompt. More specifically, it means you cannot include items that do not belong to IELTS Writing Task 1 or are not "acceptable" or "significant" to the task. To know what to include in the writing task, you can take the help of a writing template.

Time management for Academic Writing Task 1

What precisely you spend your time depends on how quickly you write, and how much prewriting you choose to do (brainstorming, note-taking, outline, etc.). Keeping that in mind, here's a pacing strategy for other test-takers to focus on. You can make adjustments to the amount of time you spend on each move, as necessary:

  • Reading the prompt, planning the essay should take 3 – 5 minutes
  • Writing time 10 – 15 minutes
  • Editing and proofreading should take 3-5 minutes

Your essay will contain some relatively detailed material. Make sure you devote ample time and attention to the essay prompt and the images.

And make sure that you relate the details correctly during both the writing and the proofreading stages while using the correct amount of details. That means making sure you provide every piece of information for simplified graphics. It can mean providing a summary of the details for more complicated charts and tables while restating the most important details.

Reading the question

Let’s discuss the first things you should do when you come to an Academic Task 1 question. Remember: time is extremely limited! You only have 20 minutes to complete your response. Your strategic approach begins from the second you open your test booklet and “read” the question.

Reading means taking a strategic approach to analyzing the content of your IELTS visuals so you can quickly decide which information to include in your response.

Let's think about the first things you can do when you ask an Academic Task 1 question. Remember: Time is very limited, you have just 20 minutes to complete your response. Your time starts from the moment you read the question.

Reading involves taking a strategic approach to analyze the content of IELTS visuals so that you can easily determine which information to include in your response.

Keep in mind images of IELTS always seem confusing when you look at them first. In fact, your ability to interpret charts and graphs isn't being tested. The question tests your language skills in English. Specifically, it seeks to see how well you can use correct and precise terminology to describe knowledge provided to you in diagrams, maps, graphs, etc.

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