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Posted on May 11 2020

Tips to score well in IELTS speaking section

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
IELTS Online Preparation Tips

An important part of the IELTS test is the speaking section. Your speaking skills are assessed in this section.  This section will assess your abilities to:

  • Speak with fluency
  • Use your vocabulary
  • Make no grammatical errors
  • Use the right pronunciation

You can improve your speaking skills and score well in this section only through regular practice. Here are some tips to prepare for the speaking section of the IELTS exam.

Pay attention to fluency- Focus on fluent speech and don't stress on using an extensive vocabulary. Learn to speak spontaneously. But don't talk quickly in your enthusiasm and make it difficult for the other person to understand what you are saying.

Learn to answer basic questions- You will be asked questions in Part 1 of the speaking test about daily topics such as your job, studies, family, hobbies, etc. Practice answers to common questions on these topics.

Ask questions- Make it a point to ask the examiner to repeat the question during the test, if you do not understand the questions. This will help you give a better answer to the question.

Use emotions in your speech- When you speak, bring your emotions in. That impacts your tone positive and makes you sound like an accomplished speaker.

Avoid giving short answers- Do not give short answers during the conversation but rather extend your speech by replying in two or more sentences.

Improve your coherence- Using terms and structures to connect to improve the coherence of your response.

Take some time to think before you respond- Do not give an immediate response to the questions, think through the answers especially for tricky questions. Ask for some time before you give your response.

Do not get nervous if you make mistakes- If you get nervous after making a mistake, you will lose confidence and the flow of thought and may not be able to continue speaking.

Practice will improve your confidence- Just imagining conversations in your head, can't help you in the IELTS speaking test. You need to practice. Talk as much as possible with your friends, teachers or colleagues and improve your confidence. This will help you understand how fluent you are in the language and areas you need to improve.

Make use of technology- Make a video of yourself speaking on your mobile phone using. Use it to analyze your body language, your confidence and pronunciation. Focus on areas for change. These are some tips to score well in the speaking section of your IELTS exam.

Make the most of your time at home during the extended lockdown, increase your score with live classes for IELTS from Y-Axis. Stay home and prepare.


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