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Posted on October 15 2019

Three tips to land the desired college internship

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

College Internship

For college students, doing an internship is a valuable opportunity for many reasons. They can gain practical experience and use the knowledge they have gained. They gain an insight into the hard and soft skills they will require once they get into a regular job.

Apart from the experience gained through an internship, what matters is where you do your internship. Doing it in the right place can set the stage for a coveted job once you finish your course. And if you are lucky enough to do it in one of the top organizations you could be later absorbed by them.

Internships can sometimes be hard to come by but if you start your search early you could beat the competition and your peers to get the prized ones. Here are some tips you can follow:

Work on your resume

If recruiters must sit up and notice your resume, you must not restrict it to just your academic qualifications. Include details about your projects and your hobbies. Include details that show your interests go beyond academics.

Recruiters look for students who have done some volunteering activities, are involved in clubs or have interests such as music or art. This indicates that the students can juggle several activities successfully. This indicates that they have the skills to handle different workplace situations.

There is a preference for students who handle part-time Jobs while doing their course. No matter how small the job, it basically reflects on how well they fulfill their responsibilities. It is a reflection on their work ethics.

 Grow your network

Your network should include potential employers, counselors, professors and your fellow students. If you are unsure about which contacts to select, the wise thing is to work on a bigger network that could give you leads to potential internships. You can choose the best one and have the best internship experience.

Experts suggest using your social media connections to get referrals at the best companies. Your existing contacts can help you get in touch with key contacts that will help you get that desired internship. So, tap your existing contacts and give them information about the companies and internship experiences you are targeting.

Prepare for your internship interview

Focus on your communication skills; you should be able to clearly express your achievements and interests. Tell them how you juggled various activities and handled different situations in the past.

Describe what you can do by referring to projects you have done or what you learned in your course and how it can help the company. Tell them what value you can add to the company’s agenda. Last but not at least, dress professionally for the interview.

Landing that coveted internship has a lasting impact on your career. Have the right strategies up your sleeve to succeed.


College Internship

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