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Posted on July 13 2015

Streamlined Program To Help Foreign Skilled Workers

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

An area group likes what it sees in a new government program for foreign skilled workers who want to become permanent residents.

Tina Giesbrecht is with the South Essex Community Council in Leamington, which helps newcomers integrate into the community. She believes the Express Entry Program will be beneficial to area employers, especially the automotive sector.

“Those that are doing possibly welding and that sort of thing would maybe qualify under this sector,” says Giesbrecht. “So we’ve actually experienced a few people that we are going to approach that may qualify for this, so it looks beneficial.”

Giesbrecht says she’s currently working with a company that has 40 welders from Africa that are all seeking permanent residency for themselves and their families.

Instead of on a first-come first-serve basis, the Express Entry Program is based on points for anyone who meets certain criteria, like education, past job experience, language skills, with the government reviewing the top point getters applications every two weeks. Since its inception in January, government officials say some have been approved permanent status in as little as six weeks, with a promise to review applications within six months.

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