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Posted on October 01 2016

Two out of five Singapore nationals want to migrate, says study

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Singapore Nationals

An online study conducted by Ipsos, a global research company, and SSI, a provider of data solutions, in December last year revealed that 42 percent of Singapore nationals want to emigrate if they were provided an opportunity.

In the study, 1,050 citizens of Singapore were surveyed across demographics such as age, ethnicity, occupation, gender and family income. Asia One quotes Ipsos stating in a press release that out of total 495 were males and 555 were females. Native Singaporeans were 923 in number and the remaining were both expatriates and permanent residents.

While 36.6 percent of those surveyed wanted to stay back in the Asian city-state, 21.2 percent were uncertain. About 80 percent of Singaporeans, however, rated safety as good or excellent, the standard of education and economy were also ranked highly by 74 percent and 68 percent, respectively.

In spite of these rankings, for 50 percent of the people surveyed were of the view that the cost of living was a major dampener.

Melanie Ng, Ipsos' market understanding unit Head, was quoted as saying that a general complaint was the fast pace of life.

She said that though Singapore was a great city to live in, for some natives, freedom of choice overrode the comfort and safety Singapore could provide.

Important values for Singaporeans were an honest and transparent government, being fair to all and display of progressive values.

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Singapore nationals


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