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Posted on June 20 2018

Overseas Stem graduates to have an edge in the digital age

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Overseas STEM Graduates

Overseas Stem graduates will have an edge over others in the future that is undeniable to be digital. The world requires a steady flow of STEM graduates – Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, and Science. These are needed to cater to the growth of opportunities that will be created with advancement in digital technology.

The most flourishing firms consistently demonstrate digital dominance in the booming tech sector. Year on year, the STEM subjects are cited as the majors that are offered the highest compensation. Amongst the Overseas Stem graduates, those from Computer Science and Engineering obtain the most impressive pay packages globally.

If in case the visa of the Overseas Student Permits, then any one of the STEM subjects must be opted by them. This will assist in developing a global understanding of the business. It ensures that they are equipped to enter and flourish in the job market upon graduation, as quoted by the Study International.

Moore’s Law states that the pace of Computer processing doubles every 1.5 years. Thus, the expansion of the digital age is taking place at a phenomenal rate. Opportunities are expanding and will continue to remain so for STEM graduates across the globe. This necessitates a constant supply of qualified tech talent to cater to the rapidly increasing demand at the global level.

Some critics meanwhile contend that the acquisition of soft skills by STEM graduates will enhance their employability. These skills are invariably interpersonal. These cover everything from networking abilities to teamwork and attitude to communication.

Nevertheless, 50% of all jobs will be automated in 2055. Will just soft skills be adequate to resolve the complex tech issues faced by processes and systems in the world?


overseas stem graduates


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