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Posted on January 29 2016

Improved technology: New Zealand's new immigration policy

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

Technology has simplified New Zealand’s entire immigration process. Recently, it has been found that more than 100,000 passengers had used the SmartGate technology during the second week of January, which is considered to be the busiest holiday period of the year. Ministers of Customs, Nicky Wagner, expressed her happiness over the fact that a large number of people are coming to the country using this new technology.

It is being said that this is the largest number of people to use SmartGate in just one week time. SmartGate serves as a great advantage during the holiday season making it easier for the low risk travelers come to their country without trouble and keep their focus entirely on the high risk travelers who wish to come to New Zealand to get away from their routine. The new system makes things easier and faster by eliminating the need for tickets and kiosk.


The entire process is taken care of through the services of e-passport and facial recognition. This piece of information was revealed by the Minister of Customs when asked about the changes in immigration to New Zealand. In order to be able to manage the ever increasing number of people that will be coming in, the minister said that they will be installing SmartGate in various locations including Christchurch, Queenstown and Wellington.

To adapt to the changes that have been taking place in terms of immigration in that country, there is are direct connecting flights from New Zealand and Canberra. In order to expand the SmartGate services 6.6 million will be invested as told by the Minister of Customs, Nicky Wagner. This is being viewed as an attempt to improve the inflow into New Zealand.

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