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Posted on December 21 2015

New Zealand expands use of eVisas

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023

New Zealand has expanded the roll-out of e-visas to further encourage travel to the country.

The roll out means eVisas are now available to  online applicants: student, visitor and work visa applicants (excluding Chinese nationals) who apply for a visa while in New Zealand; and student, visitor and work visa applicants from visa-waiver countries who apply from offshore.

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse welcomes the move saying it will make the visa application process faster, cheaper and easier.

“Modernising the visa application process is also beneficial for many key industries such as tourism and education as we continue to see an increase in the number of visitors and students travelling to New Zealand. eVisas are a great example of the government making greater use of technology to deliver better services to customers and support efforts to grow the economy,” the Minister said.

In practice, eVisas mean recipients will not have a physical visa label in their passport; instead their visa is held electronically. Customers receive an electronic visa approval notification with their visa details, including visa start and end dates and conditions.



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