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Posted on November 04 2020

Know more about GRE Quantitative Comparison questions

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
GRE Coaching

GRE Quantitative Comparison questions makeup almost 40% of GRE quant, and can therefore determine the type of score you will earn on the test individually. That's why it's safe to say that you can get a good handle on this section, almost half of the battle is won.

Having said that, most test-takers are not well prepared to answer questions about GRE Quantitative Comparison, mainly because outside the GRE exam, quantitative comparison as a term is not very common. It's not anything you'd study in school, but it's an important part of the math portion of GRE.

 It is therefore crucial that you understand how this form of question works and learn the techniques needed to quickly and easily solve such questions. These questions are not like typical math problems you would encounter on a common standardized test and at first, they seem odd because they are so special to the GRE.

Questions in the QC section

8-9 questions are quantitative comparative questions out of the 20 questions in each math segment. You can see nearly 18 questions from this question form on the GRE test, which means that about half of your math score depends on how good you are with these QC questions.

But you're going to need to be adept at answering these questions quickly and effectively.

If there is some positive news about QC problems, these questions normally take less time to solve than the rest of the math questions. In about a minute, a decent number of QC questions can be answered, and even the toughest of questions can be solved in less than 90 seconds. You can use the time you save here on the more complicated problems of problem-solving, you can use the time you save here.

Not  an easy task

Having said that, less complex doesn’t always mean easy. Don’t be under the impression that quantitative comparison questions are much easier than the rest of the math questions. Well, some are, but not all. On the GRE, you will definitely come across QC questions that are hard to grasp. So the trick is that you need to know how to solve them – you need to be well versed with the answering strategies.

 As with every other topic on the GRE, if you’re good with the basics, you should do a good job with QC questions.

You need to be able to consider and compare the values of the given quantities using reason while bearing in mind that it might not always be possible to make a comparison. Using simple mathematical principles, you should be good at interpreting data and coming to logical conclusions. You must have clear knowledge of all fundamental mathematics concepts. You should be able to grasp the difficult problems.

Additional skills

It is important that you understand the format if you want to be successful with QC questions, so it allows you to know what a QC question looks like and what you can expect from it during the test. GRE Quantitative Comparison questions ask you to compare and assess the relationship between two quantities that are presented to you.



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