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Posted on September 25 2014

‘Indians spend big on hotels abroad’

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
It turns out the cliche that Indians are the stingiest travellers is not true. In fact, Indians spend more on hotel rooms than most Asians when travelling overseas, according to a report by The Swiss, Norwegians and Argentines are the most extravagant spenders when travelling outside home while Malaysians, citizens from Taiwan and Hong Kong spend the least. Indians spent Rs 9,652 for a hotel room between January-June 2014, up 16% since last year when the Indian traveller spent Rs 8,216 while travelling abroad. While people from the US, Sweden, New Zealand and Norway paid more than Indians, several spent less than Indian travellers. These included Spain, Canada, Columbia, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia and Portugal among others, according to leading accommodation booking website The Swiss spent the most, paying Rs 11,103 for a room when travelling overseas, followed by citizens from Norway who spent Rs 10,878 and Argentina who shelled out Rs 10,877 a room a night. At the other end of the spectrum were three Asian nations including Malaysians who spent Rs 7,764, Taiwanese who spent Rs 8,103 and hotel guests from Hong Kong on Rs 8,558. The Swiss traveller also paid the most while traveling within his own country, spending Rs 12,806 domestically. Of the 32 countries analyzed, 27 paid more abroad than at home. The Argentines spent Rs 4,966 a night more on average when travelling abroad followed closely by Indians on Rs 4,286 and Thais on Rs 3,941. On the domestic front, Indians paid 8% more this year, spending Rs 5,366 a night in 2014 as compared to Rs 4,950 in 2013. Those finding the best value at home were again travellers from Malaysia who spent Rs 4,922 followed by Thais who spent Rs 4,964. Himanshi Dhawan Sep 22, 2014


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