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Posted on May 14 2022

IELTS, the four keys to success

By  Editor
Updated November 27 2023

IELTS is a standard language test that students use to get into their dream universities to study across the world. The Reading, Writing, and listening sections of all the IELTS tests with no breaks between them on the same day. The Total test is for 2 hours and 45 minutes.

IELTS Test format 

The International English language testing system (IELTS) is designed to study, work, migrate or invest in a country where English is the native speaking language. These native English-speaking language countries include the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

Sections No. Of Questions Duration in minutes
Listening 40 30
Reading 40 60
Writing 2 Tasks 60
Speaking 3 elements 15 min

IELTS Listening: You will be able to hear four recordings from English-speaking people, which can be of any accent. Then you need to answer a monologue or conversation.

IELTS Reading: You will be asked to read different passages and respond to the questions in the Reading test.

IELTS Speaking: The test is interactive, various accents are used, and the test is recorded. One needs to speak fluently and with a natural accent.

IELTS Writing Section: Usually, one can get the key to success via the IELTS Writing section by applying the knowledge to get a high band score. If you are writing the IELTS Academic test or IELTS General Training, you need to write a 250-word essay in Writing Task 2.

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The following are the essential things to get the written section correct with full marks.

Writing Task 1: 

In the General training session, you need to write a letter to explain information or about a situation to a friend, manager or boss. In an Academic session, describe a table, diagram, graph, or chart.

  1. Read the task and take notes carefully: Before answering the question, you must take some time carefully to understand the question and then answer it gradually.

Write down the ideas that fit better for the question.

Prepare a quick outline of the thoughts that are the proper responses to each question.

Underline the keywords that have to be mentioned during responses.

  1. Always break the suggestions into paragraphs:when everything has been chosen, like the keywords, outlines, and thoughts. It’s time to start writing. In order to keep up the writing in an organized way, write in paragraphs. Every topic must be developed and well written in paragraphs. Do not attempt to write in bullet points.
  2. The correct form of writing and watch over: Writing task 1 in academic form is different from the general training test. The Written Task 1 for General writing needs the following:
  • An introduction explaining to the recipient why you are writing, and do not forget the greeting at the beginning.
  • If you choose to write bullet points, you should explain the content in paragraphs.
  • A short finishing and use correct letter-writing conventions to start and finish the letter-writing option.
  1. Use cohesive tools to keep your writing organized: These tools are words that help you connect the ideas you get and make the sentences understandable. Some of the cohesive devices are, however, finally, In addition, furthermore, etc...

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Writing Task 2:

Task fulfillment: The applicant must answer every question which is relevant and should give possible supporting ideas to make some points. To get the following bands, need to have a clear understanding of answering the questions.

5 band 6 Band 7 Band 8 Band
Address the task partially and format can be inappropriate Addresses all the segments Addresses all parts Sufficiently addresses all the segments and presents an well-developed task
Expresses a position but development is not always clear and no conclusions Presents a relevant position, but the conclusions are not  clear Presents clear position and there may be a chance of over generalizing due to lack of focus Good response to the ideas and extended and supported ideas are presented
Limited and not sufficient ideas Inadequately presents main ideas    

Coherence and symmetry: The applicant should write in a structured manner that is easily understandable. Organize the content into paragraphs, and your ideas must be words like therefore, however, and despite.

5 band 6 Band 7 Band 8 Band
Organised information is provided with no progression Ideas and information are provided logically with good progression Clear progression with logical placement of information and ideas A good sequence of ideas and information logically is presented
No proper cohesive devices are provided Usage of cohesive devices is effective but there are faulty means Under or over usage of cohesive devises are used All aspects of cohesion and is maintained
Repetitive cohesive devices Cohesive devise used in appropriately
Information is not provided in paragraphs No logical paragraphing A clear paragraph is provided with the central topic Sufficient and appropriate paragraphing is used

Grammatical resource: To get a good score, one needs to use a good range of vocabulary. It is hard to write cent percent perfect, but it should not affect the understanding.

5 band 6 Band 7 Band 8 Band
Limited range of vocabulary Proper vocabulary is provided in an adequate range Precise vocabulary is used with a little flexible to read Fluent vocabulary precise flexible meaning.
Remarkable errors in spellings and word formation Some errors in spelling and word formation may confuse the reader Common lexical items with few association of awareness Inaccuracies occasionally
Less common vocabulary is used Occasional errors in word choice, spellings and word formation. Rare word spelling mistakes and word formations

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Accuracy: With good vocabulary, one should have various grammatical structures, and the grammatical errors must be less and must not affect the understanding and meaning of the content.          

5 band 6 Band 7 Band 8 Band
Limited range of structures are used A mix of simple and complex sentences are used A variety of complex structures are used. Wide range of sentences and structures are used with minimal errors
Less accuracy is maintained for complex sentences Accuracy is maintained to some extent Error free sentences can be obtained Accuracy can be expected
Frequent grammatical and punctuation errors Less grammatical and punctuation errors which do not reduce the understanding Good number of grammatical and punctuations are used with less number of errors. Only few inappropriate errors are made occasionally

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The writing section will add points to the band score. A well-planned preparation will help clear the IELTS writing section, which may add to your total band score.

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