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Posted on September 09 2020

Future Careers Based On Climate Change

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Future Careers Based On Climate Change

Recent lockdowns in various countries across the globe leading to fewer people moving about have translated to a reduction in carbon emissions, placing a certain check on the climate change that we would have experienced under usual circumstances.

An estimated 8% reduction in global emissions can be traced to the economic slowdown due to COVID-19.

With the pandemic holding up climate change to a certain extent, there has been an increased interest in future careers based on climate change in the post-pandemic world.

Many experts in their fields are of the opinion that climate change can be far more devastating than the pandemic that we find ourselves currently in. The importance of innovation for preventing climate change cannot be overlooked.

More people travelling without adding to climate change. New ways of doing things that do not lead to the release of greenhouse gases. There is a lot that can be done.

A key factor here would be transportation and how to make it ‘cleaner’. Decarbonizing our vehicles through the utilization of clean electricity wherever we can. Seeking cheap alternative fuel for the rest.

Electric vehicles or EVs as they are commonly referred to as have become far more affordable as compared to the scenario a couple of years ago. Nevertheless, EVs still cost more than their regular counterparts.

While electrically-powered vehicles might be good enough across short distances, alternative fuels come in where heavier vehicles and longer distances are involved. The most recognizable form of alternative fuel is biofuel. Electrofuels, though comparatively more expensive, involves the creation of a liquid fuel that can work seamlessly in our existing engines.

The switchover from traditional fuels to alternative fuels and electric vehicles remains the most effective way of achieving zero emissions from the transportation sector.

While there might be other methods too – moving around less or using fuels in a more efficient manner – massive breakthrough would be required in the field of economic vehicles and alternative fuels if we are indeed serious about making a change.

This leads us to some of the careers that would be in focus in the future amidst climate change that we find ourselves in. Such careers include that of  –

Clean car engineers
Water quality technicians
Green builders
Biofuels jobs
Green design professionals
Solar cell technicians
Environmental engineers
Natural scientists
Environmental scientists
Atmospheric meteorologists

Looking ahead, the need of the hour is for individuals to identify and develop skills that would be required for becoming effective future employees in projects built around climate change.

Specialized skills-training and internships are some of the ways for mobilizing the youth for filling in the skills gap.

Strong negotiation skills will also be in focus with respect to climate change projects developed worldwide, often involving a collaboration between countries.

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