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Posted on February 05 2019

California in the USA plans to make the first 2 years of college education free

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
2 years of college education free

California has one of the most affordable and largest community college systems in the USA. The California Govt. is now planning to make the first 2 years of college education free for full-time students.

Dr Paul Parnell, Chancellor of SCCCD, says that many students in California cannot afford college.

There are more than 60,000 students attending community college in Central Valley, California. More than half of these students qualify for free tuition in their first year.

The Assembly Bill 2, which has been recently introduced, will make tuition free for 2 years for certain students.

Dr Parnell believes that affordable and debt-free education is important. It would attract more high school graduates to enrol in community colleges. He says that everyone in Central Valley should be able to attend college, as per ABC 30.

Attending college in Central Valley has never been more affordable for students. In addition to what the state provides, the local community colleges also offer assistance other than tuition. A program called the “Central Valley Promise” has just been started which helps local colleges help students.

Students are provided with child care as well as transportation. Some students are even helped with food and clothing.

Kelsey Smith has started attending Fresno City College thanks to the Central Valley Promise Program. She believes that getting higher education at a low cost would help expand society. With more students being educated, the state will produce more efficient and effective workers.

California has other programs running in the state similar to the Central Valley Promise.

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