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Posted on December 22 2010

European Union is in Need Of Skilled Migrants

By  Editor
Updated April 04 2023

The EU is eager to attract high-skilled immigrants in order to fill its looming demographic crisis and related skills shortage.

According to a new report by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), European Union countries need skilled migrant labour

The report based on a survey of 27 countries says it may take years for the full effects of the economic crisis on migration to become visible but the crisis has had a significant impact on migrants and migration in Europe.

The European Union is indeed rapidly aging: there will be one retired person for every two workers as early as 2050. And while employment rates rise, it is becoming more difficult to match Europe’s growing demand for labour, especially for high-skilled and seasonal workforce. 

The most important objective of the Blue Card system is to generate the world’s best talented people to come into the European Union and also to attack the aging population and decreasing birth rate challenges.

On an EU Blue card migrants are encouraged to tour all over the EU and even work in any existing country they would like. This will be an uncomplicated option for overseas workers, with no rigid Visa conditions and working permit requirements, unlike some countries. Overseas workers are eligible to bring their entire family with them.

The European Commissioner, Franco Frattini, for Justice, Freedom and Security, has clearly declared that it is almost certainly really critical that the EU convert itself into a magnet for the world’s finest people and hugely skilled and accomplished immigrants. He stated so in his speech at the London School of Economics. It was in September of 2007 that he scheduled to generate his authorized suggestion for this special system.

When it comes to attracting highly skilled talent from overseas, the European Union is actually right now lagging behind Canada and the United States of America,. The two leading countries are effective in this project since they have long been employing fairly vigorous recruiting rules and guidelines. The administrators of the EU desire that their Blue Card, which has been termed so because of the main color of the EU flag, can aid in preparing the continent far more competitive financially.

There is a dire need of exceptionally skilled workers, employees and personnel, in all the twenty-seven Member States of the EU including the United Kingdom and Germany. This demand is in reality rather clear in a substantial amount of sectors. According to estimates, the demand for such workers will rise with over twenty million workers retiring from the labour force between now and the year 2050.

Skilled workers make up less than 2 percent of migrants in the EU. That’s compared with 10 percent of migrants in Australia, 7.3 percent in Canada and 3.2 percent in the United States, according to EU data.



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