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Posted on August 23 2015

Entrepreneur visa program to begin on Friday

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Starting on Friday, Taiwan will accept applications for entrepreneur visas, as part of a government plan to position the nation as a hub for innovative entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific region, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said yesterday. Applicants for entrepreneur visas can submit their applications to the ministry’s representative offices overseas or to the ministry’s Bureau of Consular Affairs in Taiwan, the ministry said in a statement. The new visa program comes amid a global trend toward innovative entrepreneurship, the ministry said, adding that it hopes to encourage more foreign nationals to set up innovative businesses in Taiwan and stimulate the domestic economy and start-up activity. In the program’s initial trial stage, foreign nationals, including people from Hong Kong and Macau, are eligible for the entrepreneur visa, but mainland Chinese are excluded, the ministry said. Applicants from Hong Kong and Macau should submit their applications to the Mainland Affairs Council, the ministry said. All applications are to be screened by a Ministry of Economic Affairs review committee. After receiving entrepreneur visas, foreign nationals can apply for an alien resident certificate from the National Immigration Agency, the ministry said. First-time applicants will be allowed to stay in Taiwan for up to one year and can apply to extend their stay for another two years, the ministry said. During the first two years, there will be a quota of 2,000 entrepreneur visas, the ministry said. The government plans to review the program after two years to see if any adjustments are needed, it added.



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