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Posted on November 29 2023

Dos and Donts of a Canada Study Permit in 2024

By  Editor
Updated November 29 2023

Canada welcomes thousands of international students seeking world-class education every year. However, with the privilege of studying in this diverse and vibrant country comes the responsibility of following to specific conditions.


A study permit in Canada may come with various conditions, ranging from travel restrictions to work authorization and specific start and end dates. These conditions are tailored to each student's situation, as provided by the document in IRCC.


Overview of Study Permit Conditions

Students must be enrolled in a Canadian Designated Learning Institution (DLI). The list of DLIs is extensive, and ensures that students receive education from approved and recognized institutions.


Students should demonstrate committed effort with studies. Maintaining full-time enrollment and meeting program requirements is mandatory.


Notify the Canadian authorities whenever transferring to or from a post-secondary institution.


It’s crucial to leave Canada once the study permit expires or if the candidate no longer fulfils the requirements.


If the study permit requirements are not met it can result in severe consequences, which may include the loss of study permit and student status, will be departed from Canada, and must wait six months before reapplying for a study permit, visitor visa, or a work permit.


Working while studying in Canada

Most international students want to work during their studies in order to earn money. Students do not need a separate work permit to work on or off campus as long as their work permit conditions allow.


  • On-Campus Work

International students can work on campus if they are full-time students, have a valid study permit, and have a Social Security Number (SIN). It is mandatory to stop working if the studies or the research authorization ends, and if the student takes a break, or is not enrolled in classes at the moment. Failing to meet these conditions can lead to termination of work.


  • Off-Campus Work

Working off campus is allowed for eligible students, who are enrolled in a minimum six-month program leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate. Failing to meet these conditions can result in the termination of off-campus work advantages.


Some international students are allowed to work more than the typical 20 hours per week temporarily till December 31 of this year.


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Travelling within the country

While studying in Canada, students can travel within the country freely. However, when leaving and returning, students must ensure to have a valid study permit, passport, and any required travel authorizations, such as an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or visitor visa.


If students fail to meet the conditions and do not have required authorizations, it will lead to failure of re-entry in Canada.


Specific individuals exempt from providing enrollment or documentation

Certain individuals who are holders of study permits are exempt from providing the proof of enrollment or documentation. This includes individuals who are refugees, dependents of Canadian permit holders, and participants in bilateral exchange programs.


Study permit extensions

Students who have their study permit extensions pending will not be able to enter Canada till the extension is approved. It’s essential to keep a track of the validity of the permit in order to renew.


Severe complications may occur if the study permit conditions are violated or not met, which includes losing the student status, permit, and to leave Canada.


These are the details about the conditions and navigating through this is a crucial aspect for an international student. Following these conditions ensures and easy academic experience for students.


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