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Posted on October 15 2015

Discover the exceptions of a Student Visa breach

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Student Visa There is a possibility for students in Australia to deal with a breach of student visa with ease. The only condition that requires to be fulfilled by such candidates is the fact that the breach should have taken place under exceptional circumstances that are not under the control of the person in question. Under the new rules such candidates need not leave the country to apply for a new visa. Provide an evidence The applicant must also be able to provide the evidence that the breach that has occurred has taken place under circumstances that cannot be changed in any manner. The evidence should be such that, it should seem genuine and should satisfy the authorities examining it. Now, it also becomes important to understand the circumstances that are considered exceptional. For instance if a person studying in Australia on a student visa, misses giving his semester exam despite being a bright student because he was admitted in the hospital during the same time. In such a scenario the student can always go to the educational institution and explain himself to the authorities. This alone will not suffice. The person must provide evidence to support his claim. Seek approval In this case it would be a medical certificate stating the health condition of the student from the concerned doctor. Once that is done, the student will be allowed to apply for a student visa again without having to leave the country and will also be allowed to take the exam on a scheduled date. The permission for this has been given because falling sick was not under the control of the student and the situation was proven to be genuine. The applicant will now be able apply for a new student visa and complete the semester under the new visa granted to him.   Are you looking for visa please contact us:Y-Axis


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