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Posted on April 29 2022

Crack IELTS with entertainment and fun

By  Editor
Updated November 27 2023

By getting a high score in IELTS, one will be invited to great universities. Always have a habit of practice to be in touch with the English language. Keep it a regular practice in your life.

One can get exhausted by reading and practicing the concepts times; it is good if we have a new way of learning. Instead of getting frustrated in studying grammar and vocabulary and getting bored of study materials. Entertainment is the new way of learning the trainers have suggested for many years.

Using technology to solve boredom can increase vocabulary and create enthusiasm to learn and have fun.

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Ways to Increase your vocabulary using entertainment: 


  • Podcasts are the new way of learning in this new age of technology. Always listen more and try noting down the terms you feel are problematic to attempting IELTS.
  • Podcasts or audio programs have various subjects by native English people and few trainers.
  • Download the podcast app on your phone, and select the topics of your interest.
  • Many podcast apps are available globally to educate, help, and make learning easy.
  • This enables you to improve your listening skills and helps you to score more in IELTS listening section.

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  • YouTube is one of the oldest ways of learning for IELTS.
  • YouTube has a bundle of study materials to pour in for your learning. Always choose one person or medium to learn the language.
  • Adjust the speed to understand the terms.
  • Please make a note of the difficult words and try using them in your sentences.
  • Turning on subtitles, if available, to understand the spelling of unfamiliar words.
  • This will improve your listening skills and grasp the content and can attempt the listening section of IELTS.

Watch Series or movies:

  • Watch a film or Series in English without subtitles. Many IELTS trainers suggest this method.
  • Watch it again with subtitles. Repeat the process to improve speaking and pronunciation.
  • To understand a movie better, watch the movie in English and your language subtitles if available.
  • Always rewind and replay the scenes when you couldn’t follow the problematic and catchy words.
  • Always try to watch an English film with friends, which would be a fun activity.
  • Please choose your favorite scene and try to enact it in front of the mirror or act the same with friends.
  • Record your video while enacting to compare with pronunciations.

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Be accurate in the proper context:

    • Many IELTS applicants cannot crack their desired scores as they are not good with vocabulary.
    • Using the study methods and various materials, one can speak precisely to score a high band score in IELTS.
    • Different contexts include language, education, environment, globalization, travel, public transport, etc. These topics pop up regularly.
    • Improving vocabulary will help you clear the four IELTS papers and develop general English.

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