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Posted on April 15 2020

Common questions from students wishing to study abroad

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Overseas Education Consultants

When a student decides to study abroad, there are many questions in his mind from where to study, the timeline to follow for applications to what exams to write for admission. Here we attempt to find answers to these common questions.

Which is the best country to study- the US, the UK, Germany or Australia?

All things being equal such as the courses offered, visa processing time, post-study work options, cost of studies, living costs, the decision is usually based on the course requirements, the student’s budget and his career aspirations.

The UK remains one of the most popular choices for international students. The country offers a multicultural environment and is home to leading universities. The country offers several courses at all levels.

The US has always been a top destination for students wishing to study abroad. There are many reasons for this including the presence of 14 of the top 20 universities in the world.

The universities here have highly accomplished professors and offer students numerous research opportunities.

Another favorite Study Abroad Destination is Australia. The country offers exciting study and post-study work options for international students.

Germany has several universities offering courses in a range of subjects from Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, or Business.

What is the timeline to follow for the application process?

The application process for courses/programs for universities abroad can be complicated.  First, you will have to choose a course and know the basic qualifying requirements. The next step is to understand the process and requirements. The most important step is to apply before the deadline.

Most universities abroad have two intakes for admissions in a year, this is usually in the month of September and January. Some universities also accept the third intake in April or May. If you want to study abroad, you should follow a schedule so that your application can be processed on time. Ideally, you should begin your preparation for one year in advance.

What are the common entrance exams for studying abroad?

IELTS- The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is an exam to test your understanding of the English language. Since most of the study abroad course is in English, you will have to take this exam to prove your proficiency.

TOEFL- TOEFL stands for- Testing of English as a Foreign Language. This is like IELTS and has the same testing criteria. TOEFL is conducted by an organization called ETS while the IELTS is conducted by IDP. Some countries prefer the IELTS while some prefer the TOEFL, so you must take the required test based on the country you are applying for.

SAT- This is required for admission to undergraduate courses. More than 4000 universities across the globe accept SAT. This is required for admission to undergraduate courses in engineering, science, and technology programs.

GRE- GRE Test is required if you are applying to graduate schools/colleges in the US and Canada. This exam is required for a master’s in engineering, science or law.

GMAT- GMAT stands for Graduate Management Aptitude Test and is required if you wish to pursue an MBA course abroad.


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