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Posted on July 18 2018

Best Countries Abroad for Teachers in 2018

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Best Countries Abroad for Teachers in 2018

Since the time immemorial, the teaching profession has been accorded a high priority owing to the fact that it instills values and morals in children befitting them with prosperous future ahead.

Though there are the best countries abroad for professionals like doctors, engineers, and business executives when it comes to the teachers there is no clear picture where to embark on.

Here is the list of some countries abroad that pay lucrative package to the teachers

 1. United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi stands forefront for the licensed teachers, who are on the lookout for attractive packages overseas. A teacher with a teaching license and an experience of three or more can expect a salary of around $3100-4100USD with Emirate National School.

In addition to these, they get an allowance for housing, health insurance, and ample vacation time.

2. Kuwait: Kuwait is one of the wealthiest countries situated in the Middle East. It offers one of the best remuneration packages for the qualified teachers.

Classroom experience armed with the license enable teachers to choose Kuwait in the top slot for an employment. The average income of teachers range from $1800-3700USD per month and is entitled to benefits like accommodation, health insurance, airfare, and housing.

 3. Kazakhstan: It is a country located between Europe and Asia and has some best opportunities for the teachers who are experienced and licensed. The schools are highly advanced and have a western curriculum.

The average salaries of teachers range from $4,000 - 5,000 USD per month. They are entitled to various benefits like accommodation allowance, relocation allowance, and health insurance.

 4. China: China is emerging as an important country for English speaking teachers. It is housed with some of the best international schools and is a destination for experienced ESL teachers.

 The country’s low cost of living enables teachers to save a large proportion of their salary apart from accruing benefits like airfare and settling-in allowance.

5. Korea: South Korea has some of the best teaching jobs for ESL teachers and college graduates. The average salary of English teachers is mainly based on their experience and skills.

They are entitled for free accommodation, health insurance, and roundtrip airfare.

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