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Posted on July 14 2020

Australia visa rejected? Avoid these mistakes!

By Editor
Updated April 03 2023

While many immigration candidates succeed in getting an Australian PR visa, there are applications that get rejected as well. In fact, about 40,000 PR visa applications get rejected every year. Here are some of the reasons for rejection.

  1. Application for the wrong visa type

The Australian PR visa has three subclasses

  • Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189
  • Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190
  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Subclass 491

But there are constant changes in immigration policies and eligibility criteria and multiple options which can cause confusion when you are making a visa application.

When you apply for a visa category but don't meet the requirements for that visa, your PR application can be rejected. Therefore, find the criteria for each classification and select the category you would most likely qualify for.

  1. Violation of conditions of your previous visa

You may be disqualified for the PR visa if your previous records show that you have violated the conditions of your previous visa. This can be working more than the stipulated hours if you are on a student visa or working while you are in the country on a visitor visa. Other violations include overstaying on a temporary visa or failing to adhere to conditions on a previous visa.

Violations of previous visa conditions can be a reason for the rejection of your visa application.

  1. Providing incomplete or false information

Your visa application can be rejected if authorities discover that you have not provided complete information.

To prevent this, check before you submit your application. Make sure you have provided all the specifics and information required by the authorities. Send in your application with all the proofs and documents supporting the facts.

Giving false information such as false bank details pretending to live and work in a regional location, establishing or falsifying relationships to meet spousal visa requirements or giving false information about being in a relationship can be reasons for the rejection of your visa application.

  1. Failure to meet health requirements

If you require treatment for any health conditions which the Australian authorities feel will be a financial burden on their medical system, your application may be refused. Applications for a PR visa shall be denied if the applicant suffers from medical conditions such as HIV, cancer, heart diseases or mental health issues.

  1. Failure to meet the character requirements

Australia is wary about accepting immigrants with a criminal record. Applications are reviewed on an individual basis, and they can be rejected if applicants have:

  • A criminal record
  • History of harassing others
  • Association with a criminal organization
  1. Lack of sufficient funds

Before entering the country on a PR visa, Australian authorities wish to ensure that have enough funds to support their stay in the country. So, you will have to provide proof of your financial status by supporting financial statements.  Reasons such as insufficient funds, identity mismatch can cause the Australian PR visa application to be refused.

  1. Failure to clear the visa verification process

When you are unable to clear the verification of your medical or character requirements or other relevant details in your application, there is a risk that your visa application will be rejected at the last stages.

What to do if your application is rejected

When the visa application is rejected, you can find out the reasons. You must appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) but within the prescribed time. They'll review the decision and give you reasons for refusal.

The tribunal reviews the decision of the Department in which applicants and their lawyers can present their case directly to a single judge.

The AAT has the authority to reverse the decisions and make another ruling, or to return a case with instructions to the department for reconsideration.



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