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Posted on January 08 2015

The 5 skills Singapore employers want in 2015

By  Editor
Updated April 03 2023
Society, technology and the job market continue to evolve and change. To remain relevant and employed, workers need to keep up with these changes. Recently ST Jobs outlined the 5 skills employers want now and into 2015. 1. Strong Interpersonal and Communication Skills Getting along with others is important regardless of your current positions. Employers recognize this fact and want people who have strong communication skills. Job candidates should be able to speak and write with confidence. People also need to be able to interact effectively with co-workers, management and clients. Poor communication and conflict management cost businesses time and money. 2. Get to Know Microsoft Office Administrative skills are the basis for many good jobs. Job seekers must be able to work with documents and various basic processes. The majority of employers throughout Singapore and the world are continue to use Microsoft Office. Job candidates should brush up their skills to make sure they are sharp. 3. Top Notch Customer Service Keeping customers satisfied is what keeps businesses profitable. Employers want job candidates who can deal properly with people in-person, on the phone or via written correspondence such as email and snail mail. Job seekers must also be able to listen closely and accurately process information provided by customers. Offering top notch customer service helps companies maintain loyal customers and attract new ones.  Businesses will always need people who know how to keep customers happy. 4. Know How to Sell Going hand-in-hand with quality customer service is the ability to sell. Businesses are responsible to provide a good service or product to sell. Job seekers should be able to present products and services in a favorable way to boost sales.  Learning how to sell involves being aware of a customer’s need by asking questions and building a solid relationship with the customer. Offering what a customer wants and inspiring a feeling of trust encourages people to buy products or services. 5. Be Comfortable with Numbers Determining company profit is all about knowing the numbers. Generating revenue means businesses need to hire people who are good with accounting procedures.  Legally speaking, companies must be able to produce accurate financial statements. The numbers reflect the economic performance of the enterprise. Having a solid financial statement can even help to attract investors. Getting comfortable with numbers can help job seekers find a good position in a competitive Singapore company. The Bottom Line Some people already have these skills and simply need to search for a company that offers good working conditions and fair wages. Others will have to develop these skills to be competitive in the current job market. Savvy job seekers are going for career counseling to help them determine their strong and weak points to figure out where they fit into the job market. Additional training and a solid resume can make a big difference. Training can be included on the resume to show job seekers are aware of which skills are coveted most by employers and their willingness to attain them. Learning what skills are desirable and showcasing them in an attractive resume can help Singapore job seekers find the career path they want.



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