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The US to offer 30,000 extra H-2B Visas

Posted on May 14, 2019
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H-2B Visas

The US administration will offer 30,000 extra H-2B Visas to permit more overseas workers provisionally into the US. This is for being employed seasonally through the end of September 2019. It reflects the fact that the thriving economy has convoluted efforts by President Trump to curb lawful immigration.

The details of the plan have also been revealed by the Trump administration. It will benefit Loggers, Fisheries, Oyster shucking companies, and seasonal Hotels. This includes the club Mar-a-Lago owned by Trump himself. All these use the H-2B Visas for hiring immigrants for provisional work that US residents refuse to do.

The H-2B Visas will only be offered to overseas workers who are returning and have held the Visa earlier. This is in the last 3 fiscal years. Several Visa holders in this stream come back to the same employers every year. The officials said that these have been already scrutinized. These workers are trustworthy and not likely to overstay their Visa, added the officials.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services will start accepting applications from US employers on behalf of the Visa applicants. This is after the publication of the provisional rule in the Federal Register, as quoted by the Business Standard.

The thriving economy has enhanced the difficulty of employers in the US to find workers. The numbers of H-2B Visas have been meanwhile capped at 66,000 for every fiscal year. The US Lawmakers and businesses have said that the figure is outdated badly. This is especially when the US unemployment rate is at its lowest in the past 5 decades.

The US employers argue that they are in desperate need of more workers. Trump himself has personally benefitted from seasonal workers employed at his Golf clubs. It also includes unlawful workers.

The Labour and Homeland Security Department officials said that the decision for extra Visas is also partially based on a fact. It is that some businesses in the US would face severe damage if they cannot hire the workers.

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