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How can your PGWP help you get Canadian PR?

Posted on November 23, 2018
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How can your PGWP help you get Canadian PR

Many aspiring students come to Canada each year with a goal to obtain the Post Graduate Work Permit. It not only helps them gain Canadian work experience but also helps with qualifying for PR.

The most popular program for Permanent Residency in Canada is the Express Entry. However, many students who do not have a foreign post-secondary education or foreign work experience may find it difficult to score enough CRS points. Only those applicants who have high CRS points manage to get an invite for Canadian PR.

The PGWP is a wonderful way to obtain Canadian work experience which can help you get additional points for your Canadian PR. However, before you apply for your PGWP, it is best to calculate your likely CRS scores. You may need to develop an alternate strategy to manage to get an invite for your PR.

The highest Canada CRS Points are a combination of both foreign and Canadian education as well as work experience.

For many young students, it may be advisable to defer their Canada studies until they first obtain a foreign degree. They may also obtain a couple of years of foreign experience in an occupation on the NOC O, A, or B category.

Students who are already pursuing their studies in Canada may want to defer their PGWP. It may be best for them to gain an additional degree to help with their CRS points.  The CRS awards a significant amount of points for candidates having two or more degrees. One of those degrees should be of 3-years or longer, as per Asian Pacific Post.

Another significant factor that helps garner additional points is language proficiency in English or French. A test score equivalent to CLB 9 or above is crucial to gaining those extra points for an invite.

You can only ever obtain one Post Graduate Work Permit. Most international students are unaware of the same.

If your ultimate goal is to settle in Canada, it is important that you are aware of your like CRS scores. Doing so before you apply for a PGWP may help you garner enough points for a Canadian PR.

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