Concierge Services

Have a problem collecting documents?

Leave it to Y-Axis. Our concierge teams will do it for you

Y-Axis Concierge is a dynamic, entrepreneurially-driven, service-oriented process that is determined to deliver value to our customers and continuously evolve our service offering. It is a one stop shop for anything and everything under its umbrella.

Y-Axis Concierge’s experience is backed by a vast network of resources which drives our success today. We help you to manage your ‘To Do’ list which may consume your personal time unproductively like standing in the long queue in the Banks/Universities/Colleges/Government offices/Notary Advocates  Etc.

Our aim is to enrich our clients lives by saving their time and costs, thus allowing them to focus on more important aspects of life, such as work, family and recreation. We believe that our greatest assets are personalized service and customer satisfaction.

List of Services:

Y-Axis Concierge Service offers this at a nominal fee. You can Write to us for more details and it be done for you.

This way, you won’t need to delay filing your application or even worse, simply abandoning.