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Posted on November 29 2019

Which province in Canada has more job opportunities in 2020?

By Editor
Updated April 03 2023

If you want to move to Canada on work, you will need to first get a job and then apply for a Canadaian work visa to move to the country. Since Canada is a large country, you will need to know where the job opportunities are for a successful outcome. This is provided you have zeroed in on the industry and the companies you are targeting. Knowledge of the provinces with the greatest number of job opportunities will help you know where to focus your job search.

According to a report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, around 430,000 private-sector jobs were available in Canada in the third quarter of 2019. This was the fifth consecutive quarter with a high vacancy rate. This could be an indication of the provinces with the highest job opportunities in 2020.

Job vacancies by province:

The highest job vacancies were in the province of Quebec. The job vacancies stood at 4 per cent followed by British Columbia at 3.8 per cent while Ontario with 3.2 per cent tallied with the national average rate of job vacancies. Prince Edward Island had the lowest percentage of job vacancies at 1.9 per cent.

Image source: CIC news








Sales Associate

Sale associates and sales representatives are crucial, both in terms of selling to the consumer and selling to other businesses.





Commercial drivers of all kinds are in-demand in Canada, from long-haul truck drivers to forklift drivers. Those with the proper licenses should find employment easily.


7511, 7521, 7452



Receptionists are in demand as the first face customers see of any business, making the role of vital importance. Customer service and tech skills are required in this position.





Welders are Canada’s most in-demand skilled trade. This field is well worth considering if you are someone who likes working with their hands.




Web Developer

Web developers are experts in code, building everything from computer programs to apps on your phone. With Canada’s Global Talent Stream offering two-week processing, web developers have a sure pathway to a Canada work permit.




Business development manager

Business development managers have the crucial job of bringing in new customers themselves, as well as helping sales staff close deals.




General laborers

General laborers are in demand all over Canada. They clean, move materials and equipment, plus take on physically demanding jobs.




Project manager

Project managers are needed in a range of sectors, including IT and marketing. Those with the required PMP certification is, particularly in demand.


0211, 0213, 0711, 1221


Heavy-duty mechanic

Heavy-duty mechanics work with large machinery in maintenance and repair. Sectors include energy and manufacturing, central to Canada’s economy.





Merchandisers work for retail store deciding which new stock to bring in and how it should be presented on the shop floor.




Electrical engineer

Anything that has electricity running through it was at one time in the hands of an electrical engineer. An important role in the modern economy.





Any list of in-demand jobs is always likely to feature accountants. The number crunchers who can help a business thrive, and come into their own during tax season.


0111, 1111


HR manager

Human resources managers are another in-demand Canada job. They have responsibility for recruiting the right talent in Canada’s tight job market.




Financial advisor

Financial advisors work with families and individuals on how to make their money do everything they need it to.


0111, 1114


Registered nurse

Canada’s public health service relies on nurses to survive. It also has an aging population, making registered nurses a crucial role in providing care.




Where do overseas workers prefer to work in Canada?

Migrants intuitively prefer to look for jobs in the big cities of Canada like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. However, your success in finding a job in these places depends on your occupation. The top locations for migrants to look for jobs is the Western part of the country according to Statistics Canada. It says migrants have a higher rate of finding employment in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta than other provinces because there is more demand for highly skilled foreign workers in these provinces. In fact, immigrants who live here have a higher employment success rate than those living in Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver.

 How do job vacancies in provinces influence your job search?

Like we said earlier, if you want to succeed in your job search in Canada, you must first know where the jobs are. So, knowledge about the job vacancies in various provinces is crucial. The provinces have varied rates of unemployment which will impact your job search. For example, the provinces of Quebec, British Columbia, Ontario and Brunswick have some of the highest vacancy rates of any province or territory in Canada. As of November 2019, the vacancy rate in Quebec was the highest at 4 per cent.

It is also possible that some provinces have lower vacancy rates but may have larger economies that produce more job opportunities than other provinces. For instance, Alberta with a vacancy rate of 2.2 per cent has more job opportunities than New Brunswick which has a vacancy rate of 3 per cent.

In other cases, certain cities in Canada may have more job opportunities while the provinces they are situated in may have low vacancy rates.

 You must consider these factors when using the job vacancy rates in the provinces as a benchmark to find work in Canada.

How is the demand for your occupation?

Your success in finding a job also depends on how much demand there is for your occupation. An occupation may be in demand in certain cities or provinces but may not be in other locations. Some occupations tend to be centered in certain places, for instance, tech companies concentrated in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal will have more openings for tech workers. However, jobs in the healthcare sector are open across Canada. In fact, the top jobs in Canada will be in the engineering, mining, construction and the healthcare sectors.

To succeed in your job search in Canada, you must know about the provinces and territories that have the highest number of job vacancies, know where the jobs are being created and where your skills will be in high demand. This information will help you tailor your job search strategy for a successful outcome.

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