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Types of Singapore Visas

Y-Axis offers you the wide range of services to avail various types of visas to Singapore that include Working permit visa, Employment Pass visa, Personalized Employment Pass visa, Dependent Pass Scheme visa, Student visa, Permanent Residence Scheme for Work Pass Holders visa, and Investors PR Scheme visa.

How to Apply For Singapore Visa?

The applicants who wish to process their Working permit visa to Singapore must have an employment offer from a firm in Singapore. Employment Pass visa applicants have to satisfy the criterions of salary and skills relevant to its three subcategories. The applicants of Personalized Employment Pass visa have the time period of 6 months to get a job in Singapore after they arrive at the country.
The immigrant students who wish to apply for the Study visa in Singapore must have an offer letter of a seat in a preferred educational institute in Singapore. The applicants who wish to process their Dependent pass visa must be a spouse or single children less than 21 years of an Employment pass visa holder in Singapore who has a minimum salary of S$5,000.
The applicants of Singapore Investor PR can get the visa processed for them and their close family members if they invest at least SGD2.5 million in the country.

Singapore Visa and Immigration

Requirements for a Singapore visa

The applicants of Singapore visa require a passport which has a validity of six months beyond their stay in Singapore. They must have onward and return tickets if it is applicable to their visa type. They must give proof of ability to financially support their stay in Singapore. Applicants of certain nations must give evidence of being vaccinated for Yellow fever if it is applicable to them. Applicants who are on a short-term visit to Singapore for tourism or social visit must give a letter of introduction from their contact person in Singapore.

Why Choose Y-Axis

You can be assured that your details are safe with us. The top level encryption of MPLS technology is embedded in our network infrastructure. This assists as to protect the confidentiality of the information you share with us. So if you are looking to migrate to Singapore, contact Y- Axis to get professional help to file for a work visa from one of its 19 offices located in India’s eight largest cities.

Immigration Services: Our Immigration Processing Department ranks amongst the best in the world. We provide you top-drawer legal and counseling support facilities that will increase your chances of immigrating to Singapore.
Job Search Services: Y-Axis has helped thousands in landing an overseas job in Singapore through its employment search services. Our reach with employers and agencies helps us in marketing your resume so that it reaches the right people and travels via the right channels.
Admission Services: Y–Axis is best placed to help you get an admission into an educational institution in Singapore that offers you a degree with remarkable credentials.
Concierge services: From handholding you to lending our hand, and in finding an apartment through our concierge services, we travel that extra mile for settling you seamlessly in your new abode in Singapore.

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  • Australia: Our associate company employs MARA registered agents.
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Y-Axis Customer Reviews

Hi Ami Hitesh, I am Viknesh Manoharan from Bangalore. I have approached Y-axis for a visit visa to Singapore. We both had a discussion on the same at M.G.Raod branch office.
Y-axis staff – ‘Sajida Hasham’ from Hyderabad (in CC) has been nominated to guide me. Her work is really dedicated and commendable. She has verified all my documents line by line each and guided me wherever it is required. I am 100% satisfied with Y-axis service.
I have got my visit visa stamped for Singapore. Many thanks to Ami & Sajida…
I will feel very happy if you can forward this mail to Sajida’s Manager mentioning that this is a feedback from a customer. Many thanks!!!! ”

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