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The top 5 Work Visa options to US H-1B Visa

Posted on June 27, 2019
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US H-1B Visa

Getting the US H-1B Visa is becoming tougher and tougher. High denial rates, increased bureaucracy is making the US appear as unwelcoming to overseas talents.  

Here we present the top 5 Work Visa options to US H-1B Visa:


The closest to the H-1B Visa will be the Australia Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa. Employers in Australia can sponsor skilled overseas workers to fill a position that cannot be filled by a local worker.

Candidates with occupations on STSOL – Short-Term Skilled Occupations List qualify for 2 Years Australia Work Visa. Those on the MLTSSL – Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List or ROL – Regional Occupation List qualify for 4 Years Work Visa.


Skilled immigrants with appropriate work experience and education can immigrate to Canada through the Federal Skilled Workers Program. There are 347 occupations that qualify for the program. These range from Engineering Managers to Human Resources Managers, Accountants, and Financial Auditors.

Candidates must also have the required language abilities and be of the right age. Qualified applicants can submit profile in the Express Entry pool with EOI – Expression of Interest. The candidates are offered the ranking as per the Comprehensive Ranking System. Those who score the highest ranking are offered an Invitation to Apply for Canada PR Visa.


Germany is one among the nations with acute shortages of skilled workers as per the World Economic Forum. The EU Blue Card permits overseas nationals to arrive at and stay in Germany for filling highly qualified jobs.

The applicant must have a higher education qualification that is recognized or on par with higher education in Germany or equivalent professional experience. They must also have a job offer with a certain minimum gross yearly salary. The validity of the EU Blue Card to work in Germany is for a maximum of 4 years.


This Scandinavian nation requires ICT Workers, Engineers, Healthcare Assistants, Nursing Professionals, and Nurses. Applicants must have a job that has a salary not less than the average salary in Norway for working in the nation under the Skilled Workers Scheme.

Applicants must demonstrate having completed higher education or vocational training, or special qualifications for working as Skilled Workers in Norway. The EU Blue Card scheme that covers many nations in Europe is not applicable to Norway.

New Zealand:

You may be able to apply for a New Zealand Resident Visa through the Skilled Migrant Category if you possess the skills, experience, or qualifications needed by the nation. The SMC is based on diverse factors on which the applicants are assessed, as quoted by the Study International.   

The factors include an offer of skilled employment, qualifications, work experience, and age. Your age must also be less than 55 years and you must fulfil character, health, and English language requirements.

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