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Overseas students can now switch Japan Visa and start firms

Posted on June 18, 2019
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Japan Visa

The Japanese Government has decided to implement a measure for regulatory reform. This will permit overseas students to switch their Japan Visa and start their own firms. They will be permitted to change their Residence Status while studying at University. This is to one that will permit them to be engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

The decision in this regard was taken at a meeting of the National Strategic Special Zones Council headed by Shinzo Abe the Prime Minister. It will be included in the latest growth strategy that will be endorsed at the meeting of Cabinet later this month.

It is hoped by the Japanese Government that this initiative will help in increasing the number of companies started by overseas nationals. This is chiefly in areas located outside Tokyo, as quoted by the Japan Times.

As of now, overseas students in Japan cannot launch a new business. They must complete their graduation and exit Japan to return to their home nation. A suitable Japan Visa application must then be filed and approved for engaging entrepreneurial activities.

The Government of Japan has also decided to approve enabling employers to pay salaries via smart-phone payment services. This is chiefly to cater to the needs of overseas workers.

Overseas nationals who intend to start a new business in Japan are required to launch a firm and receive an appropriate Japan Visa.  The Start-Up Visa is now being offered by Japan in its several regions. This has made it easier for overseas entrepreneurs to arrive in Japan and launch their own business.

Making sense of Japanese business culture is something that takes time. It is entirely different in comparison with what overseas nationals are familiar in their home nations. So even if an individual is successful with a specific product abroad, there is no guarantee that it will succeed in Japan as well.

It is for these reasons that very few overseas nationals have been able to succeed in their business in Japan. People in Japan like local brands and it is thus required that each minute aspect of the business is tailored to the market in Japan. This begins with your message and the website.

Overseas nationals who already have a Japan Visa must ensure that it is lawfully possible to launch a new business with it. Otherwise, they must apply for a suitable Visa in Japan.

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